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Religion and World Practice Cannibalism

‘’In the essay Cannibalism It Still Exist’’, Linh Kieu Ngo Explains how the Vietnamese refugees lost their captain on an escape boat.They were forced to survive with very little, after their food and water supply was gone.She explains how the refugees were forced to develop cannibalism by eating human flesh.

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Even though they didn’t want to eat other human flesh, the refugees had no choice because that was their only way of surviving. Linh also explains how all the Vietnamese refugees died after five month except for one person.

Linh went on to say Cannibalism, the act of humans eating humans, still interest people and has long history. Some people may find it odd to eat other humans but for some, cannibalism is like eating any other meat from the supper market. She explains cannibalism in two ways. One is endocannibalism and the other is exocannibalism. Endocannibalism is eating in there own group. Exocannibalism is eating humans outside their group

Linh explains that some normal people when in a situation between life and death, eat other human flesh to survive. She went as far to explain different type of cannibalism. Dietary cannibalism accrues when people are captured for others just to eat. Culture cannibalism is when consumed, human eating different part of human body for fertility and ext. Miyanmin people eat their own dead in respect for them. And Miyanmin practice both indo and exo cannibalism. The leopard and Alligator society in South Africa eat human flesh as part of their culture. For example the Leopard and Alligator people honors their people by eating their slaves.

Religious or ritual Cannibalism are very different from the other types of cannibalism. Religious Cannibalism has a purpose than just eating other human flesh. And sometimes only one victim gets killed. And ritual cannibalism is very dependent of where in the world you are. For example a South African Indian tribe uses cannibalism as a revenge for the dead. And others use it as part of a funeral ritual.

Even though people all over the world practice Cannibalism for different reasons to fit their needs. Whether it’s for religious belief, culture, or dietary reason, people are capable of eating other human flesh. Keep in mind all cultures are somehow connected to cannibalism. But today it is seldom practice.

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