Refugees: Human Rights and Largest Refugee Populations

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Refugees Part A. Sadly and commonly throughout the world of today with its immense technology, and stature lies an ever growing and simple problem soon becoming an epidemic. Through tyranny styled governments, ignorance and even a lack of awareness and care sits 20 million refugees thrown from their countries simply because it is not safe, to a place where they are unknown. These people are children, mothers and fathers dying endlessly with nowhere to go and without a future.

Under international law, a refugee is a person who is outside his/her country of nationality or habitual residence; has a well-founded fear of persecution because of his/her race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion; and is unable or unwilling to avail himself/herself of the protection of that country, or to return there, for fear of persecution. They are subgroup of the broader category of displaced persons. ... en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Refugee A refugee can be defined in a variety of means and in many ways is a definition that often faces misconception with the general public.

In many cases it is the way in which the circumstances arise that leaves people confused. Wether or not they were forced and also wether it is simply a home or a country that you become forced out of. A refugee is a person or persons that have been forced out of there natural habitat wether it simply be there home or there country and are left with no other option but to run away, out of fear of persecution, death, or because of natural disaster. They do not necessarily run away from there nation of citizenship but just to another location other then there ordinary home to take refuge.

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If it is decided that they are either accepted into a country or run into a country for refuge then they are to receive the same freedom and rights as any other ordinary legal resident. However this doesn’t allow them to become immediate citizens or have an extended period of refuge in the country, if and when there country of origin returns to a state of decency they are then forced to return. These rights include; basic civil rights, freedom of thought, freedom of movement, and freedom from torture and degrading treatment.

As with any other individual these people are entitled to have the right to: work, medical care, social and economical rights, and every child must have the right to schooling. We must keep in mind that these people aren’t asylum seekers or immigrants, they simply leave to take refuge and safety. Causes of extended refugee numbers. GOVERNMENT: often in third world and poorly funded nations people are forced to leave as a result of a tyranny styled government. These corrupt officials often associate with terrorists, guerrillas, and drug barons, making the country unsafe and unliveable.

FARMING: poorly funded or corrupt nations often lack sufficient land and equipment for farming practices. This is made worse by a lack of education and farming knowledge. With this, food numbers and the economy is bought down. The farmers themselves as well as all countrymen and women are left with little food and money and are forced to leave. WAR: Corrupt and poor nations are often at the greatest threat of terrorist and war activity thanks to the government and lack of money. Terrorists prey on these areas with poor security, education and with a wide array of religions.

Civilians are at great risk. This is also added to by religious and race fuelled wars. NATURAL DISASTERS: countries often with poor financial backing are worst hit by natural disasters. Farms, the lifeblood of the area as well as buildings which were poorly built originally become demolished. Furthermore infrastructure such as sewerage and water as well as electricity become unsafe and unclean as these nations lack the money not only to fix it but to have had sufficient facilities to begin with. These people are again forced to leave to avoid death.

PERSECUTION: is often caused by corrupt governments. Persecution is often aimed at particular races, religious backgrounds, group memberships, and opinions. Many governments stand for unjust laws allowing people to be unfairly persecuted. Where Are the Refugees coming from? AFRICA: ASIA: 1951: 5,000 1951: 41,500 1999: 3,523,100. 1999: 4,781,800 EUROPE: SOUTH AMERICA. 1951: 1,221,200 1951: 120,000 999: 2,617,600 1999: 61,100 NORTH AMERICA. OCEANIA. 1951: 518,500 1951: 180,000 1999: 649,600 1999: 64,500. THE WORLD: 1951: 2,116,200 1999: 11,697,800 The Largest Refugee Populations, 1999. Who is taking responsibility for the care of the refugees? Part B. Solving the refugee epidemic… As with each day we grow in our knowledge stature both scientifically and technologically as does, sadly a societal epidemic in that of our refugee numbers.

First and foremost these nations need funding that must find its way to the citizens that need it and not the Government. From here education is a necessity where it then should be used in schools, as well as teaching for trades, farming practices, and general human rights, with social education. As said, the most simple yet in many ways unattainable solution is education, in teaching skills and tolerance. In part A, identified were major causes of the refugee numbers and in each case and example education would have been a solution, with the exception of the Government.

Persecution, often caused by race and religion or even opinions is often fuelled by regular citizens who simply haven’t had the correct education and were forced into abiding by certain laws, governments and religions. The people themselves who are often persecuted are the ones who have had the ability to be educated and have their own beliefs rather than those who were taken at a young age and forced to fight or believe in a cause. When it comes to another problem that education can cure, we must look at natural disasters.

Obviously the disaster itself cannot be prevented, however the original damage in many cases could have been far less and the rebuilding could be far better, resulting in fewer refugees, had education been received. This education would have helped several aspects of a natural disasters effect. Firstly buildings and farms in the areas would have been constructed and prepared in order to sustain such events and if educated awareness of the event and preparation in procedures before and after the diaster would be far better.

Farming itself is extremely significant in providing sufficient aspects of these nations economy so again education is vital. Funding shouldn’t be used to supply food to these nations, but to rather supply education for correct farming practices, equipment, facilities and knowledge. This would not only significantly change refugee numbers but increase economic stability and create jobs and money in the area. This education mainly needs to be served to children of the nation at an extremely young age, the future of these nations, who can then provide a emocratic government, as well as having the knowledge to create a sufficiently flowing nation, with agricultural and business benefits. With such religious and social education which is a major problem, corrupt governments will no longer be running the nation and therefore unable to persecute, discriminate or steal. With this education, these nations will grow in stature to provide sufficient, social, economical, health, business, and security aspects that will no longer see citizens forced to run to other countries.

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