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Reebok: Advertising and Terry Tate

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R “Reebok” case questions 1. How could viral marketing be used to complement or replace traditional media in this case? In this case, Reebok created “buzz” to attract the potential customers since its markets changed and its target consumers moved their attention away from the traditional media. Therefore, Reebok moved its advertising resource away from magazines and newspapers to online and mobile platform. Moreover, Reebok also advertised at sporting events, such as in NBA basketball games.

The ultimate goal of Reebok creating successful viral marketing programs is to create viral messages that appeal to the potential customers and that the programs may have a high probability of being presented and spread by these individuals in their communications with others in a short period of time. 2. Evaluate the Terry Tate commercials. Did they increase recognition of the Reebok brand and significantly help build brand equity? Explain. Terry Tate was first aired in 2003 at the Superbowl. Terry Tate is an American Football player who has been hired by an office firm to administer punishment to those breaking any of the companies’ rules.

The way he administers the punishment is by tackling the perpetrators around the office environment. The story in Terry Tate commercial is about the office drama, and the humor in the ad was fairly conveyed to the target audience - Gen Xers between the ages of 25 and 40. The shots of the Terry Tate commercial performs more usual office tasks like making presentations and celebrating a fellow employee’s birthday to show that Terry is fitting in the office environment. Therefore, Terry Tate commercial may successfully create the resonance among its target audiences in the similar office scenes and moments.

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Reebok found that even though there were great amount viewers of its Terry Tate Super Bowl, its sales and market share did not increase at all. The main reason of this less successful result is in that Reebok brand was not sufficiently mentioned in the ads. Most of the audiences memorized the Terry Tate character and this office comedy, but few of them recognized that this commercial was created by Reebok. Obviously, Reebok would not successfully build the strong connection between the Terry Tate commercial video with its brand awareness in consumers’ minds.

To sum up, this program did not assist Reebok in earning brand recognition and brand equity since the idea from Reebok did not generate more money from its products, as consumers believe that a product with a well-known name is better than products with less well-known names. 3. Was the central message effective? Was it memorable? Did it generate sufficient levels of positive attitudes towards the brand? Explain. 4. Is this type of communication capable of capturing the attention and influencing Gen X consumers? Explain why or why not.

This type of communication is able to capture the attention and influence Gen X consumers. In this case, this commercial was an instant hit, flying across the Internet for months as the hottest office comedy joke to hit the air since Office Space. The humor in the ad that resonated so clearly with its target audience, mostly Gen Xers between the age of 25 and 40, was not necessarily attributed to the devastating blows which Tate delivered with the greatest of ease, but rather the office vignettes which transpired before Tate moved in for the kill.

Clearly, Gen X consumers were fascinated by Terry Tate and they wanted to know more about him. 5. Recommend a possible viral marketing campaign for Reebok in today’s environment. Great idea!!! I love this one, too. This idea will attract the target audiences and make them involved in “Me and my Reebok” activity. Traveling and photographing are both the hot issues among GEN Xers. Combining these two factors for the marketing campaign is suitable and it will be appealing to them.

Reebok: Advertising and Terry Tate essay

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Who is the actor in the Reebok Office Linebacker commercial?

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker was a series of short comedy television commercials created by Rawson Marshall Thurber, for Reebok, based on a short film pilot Peter Chiarelli created in 2000; Tate was first shown at Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003. The short films feature Lester Speight as "Terrible" Terry Tate,

Who is Terry Tate and why has he resurfaced?

The Terry Tate character resurfaced in a series of short videos urging people to vote on November 4, including scenes that depict the Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin being (purportedly) tackled following famously controversial interviews.

How many Reebok Office episodes are there?

Originally, Reebok produced 6 episodes between August to December 2002 with another episode Terry Tate, Office Linebacker: Sensitivity Training being made on February 1, 2004. Even Reebok in the United Kingdom made an episode called Late Lunch on January 22, 2005. There are a total of 9 episodes.

How many Reebok Late Lunch episodes are there?

Even Reebok in the United Kingdom made an episode called Late Lunch on January 22, 2005. There are a total of 9 episodes. The advertising campaign was one of the most successful of those in the history of the Super Bowl halftime shows.

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