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Terry Gilliam

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To tell you the truth, last Friday I really did try to watch the movie and keep myself awake but no matter what, I still kept on dozing off. Although I was able to understand a bit, I still had to watch It again for me to have a better and deeper feel of the story.

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Terry Gilliam

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. The lead actor had to be really good to pull It off or else everything would have been so awkward.

Well actually, the movie did not Interest me t all, I got really bored watching It, not because It Is badly written nor directed, It Is Just that It Is not my kind of movie but I really did appreciate Brazil; Its story, actors, direction, technique, script and everything else, I find It really brave of them to produce a movie such as that. I think it was really risky since not everyone can grasp the full implications of satire movies. L, too, had a hard time understanding everything: I had to read articles online just so I could fully get it.

The message that the film wants to convey to the viewers is really extreme, to the point that not everyone can get it since some would think that it is only mere entertainment. I think it was creatively presented but it did not have any impact on me

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