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Proposal of Divorce

Essay Topic:

Proposal: Divorce The topic I will be discussing in my paper is on Divorce and the affects it has on the household. To me this topic is significant because my parents were separated. Although they were never married, it seems as though the affects of divorce are similar.

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In society, this topic is significant because today, divorce happens all the time. It seems as though it is just as popular as getting married. When divorce is brought to society’s attention it is looked at many different ways.

Some people analyze it as a good thing. “If they weren’t truly happy, then its best to go their separate ways”. Other viewers in society such as priests and ministers tend to take a different view. “They were brought together by God. They took a vow; ‘Until death do we part’, and although it’s not a sin, it is looked down upon”. Different views on the topic of divorce seem to have one idea in common: the affect it has on the household.

Divorce is a very tough process and can be very strenuous on the kids in the family. While researching this topic I plan to go to a church group that may help deal with the issues involved in divorce. I also plan on investigating the different organizations that help the family and kids recover from the separation of their parents. Online, there are studies and research done on the affects that a divorce has on the family that I will be taking a look at.

Throughout the duration of writing this paper I plan to research my topic as much as possible. Research can take up to a matter of days or weeks. However, this paper does have a deadline and I am sure I will not achieve 100% of the information that an actual research might use. I will research this topic as much as I need to for as long as I can to get an accurate reading on the topic of Divorce and the affect it has in the household. Because I am the only researcher for this topic, there will be a lot to do.

This includes: gathering general information, going to different places that help kids of divorced parents, pull all the information together and write a paper that explains the effects that divorce has on the household. I feel that this paper will help those around me look at divorce in a different way. Some may change their view, while others may stay the same. I just have to get the facts on both sides and present it to them so that people can truly understand the effects that divorce has on a household.