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The paper would provide an extensive overview about a couple of softwares that are required to make short, computer-animated films; as in, how it works, how much does it costs, and what are some of the human skills required to work on those softwares. Moreover, a list of people, their skills, and roles would be developed who would be working on Alex’s project, they could be students, staff members, or faculty. Answer – 1 Since the technology has improved and is further advancing, the art or trend of making computer-animated movies has become popular where computer graphics are used to depict the characters, their voices, movement, etc. with 3D computer graphics that gives pure sensation and exciting results.

The computer-animated movies are stylish, fast, and based on real-time representation. The softwares that are typically used to make such short, computer-animated movies include those that possess several options related to 3D and animations such as, having cartoon characters, different voices, effects, colors, backgrounds, and filters. A couple of professional softwares that can help Alex making the movie are Artoonix 1. 9. 2 and Antechinus Animator Professional 8. 6. Artoonix 1. 9. 2 is a software that creates animated movies and cartoons from the computer-aided graphics; moreover, it is also used to develop drawings and modify the pictures, texts, sounds, and photos (Zoetrope, 2008).

It costs around $35, is supported by three languages, was released in 2009, and can easily be installed and uninstalled from the computer. Antechinus Animator Professional 8. 6 also helps in creating and editing videos, movies, sounds, images, and animation, and is supported by more than 40 formats.

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Musical slideshows can be edited and played with the animations and videos at the same time. Merging of files within no time is another supreme option where several files can be mixed and played according to the choice and match (EUni, 2009). It costs around $50, was released in 2008, and easily be installed or uninstalled from the computer. The skills that help people produce animated films include imagination beyond the horizons, creativity, a good sense of humor, composition of tunes or music, and effective thinking and organizing of the story.

Answer – 2 The list of people who would be working on the project with Alex include his friend John, who is proficient in playing piano and other musical tools; Ms. Colleen who is an art teacher at his school and is known for her creativity and a great sense of imagination; Mr. Samuels who is a professor of literature and can provide a deep understanding and ideas related to the story; and Julie who is Alex’s friend and possess a great sense of humor and admired for that in the school.

These 4 people – two faculty and two friends – would be working with Alex and would be paid a stipend of $500 for that. Their skills have already been mentioned above; nevertheless, as far as their roles are concerned they would be working on different parts of the project. Mr. Samuels would join his head with the other four in developing a story for the movie, number of characters in it, length of the movie, etc. Mr. Colleen would first devise the scenery, backgrounds, cartoon characters, their voices, their colors, and then would assist Alex in editing and making them. And John and Julie would be adding their music compositions and jokes in the movie, respectively. References Euni. (2009).

Antechinus Animator Professional 8. 6. Retrieved on July 30, 2010. From http://antechinus-animator-professional. c-point-pty-ltd. qarchive. org/ Zoetrope. (2008). Artoonix 1. 9. 2. Retrieved on July 30, 2010. From http://artoonix. 9spikes-software. qarchive. org/

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