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Progressive Discipline

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When we say progressive discipline it is about the mental and moral training or the order/instruction in group or organization. In organization concerned with identifies and getting the “right” king of a attitude and behavior from people as individuals and groups. Organizations and work relationship will change significantly in the future. Most of the time, though people of an organization must determine for themselves what is right and wrong. In the determination of what is right and wrong which moral judgment is all about. The judgment form a development sequence which are prudence, authority, equality and equity. To displayed in abstracting moral principles from specific regulation or concrete situations. It includes for dealing with conflict of interest, confidentiality of organization information misappropriation of corporate assets, insiders, contracts, privacy, etc. It might spell out penalties for violation of the guidelines.

Penalties can include such actions as termination, suspension, probation, demotion and oral reprimand. Although not every organization puts its order or policy into writing, it is usually advisable to do so. The need for written policy is urgent. For the achievement and success of Progressive discipline in the organization is the development of character, behavior and attitude (moral values). It includes the sense of duty, willpower, loyalty, responsibility, perseverance and positive attitudes.

In responsibility the fulfillment of obligations to the society that surround the organization. The organization’s obligation is to promote the common or social goal. Responsible projects is beneficial to the organization (enlightened self-interest or utilitarianism). It reap benefits for everyone including the organization itself. (Loyalty will be generated) Other duty approach being moral obligation of organization like caring for and meeting the needs of others concern. Meaningful organization direction in areas can be attain only through effort and perseverance. For example the corporation’s commitment to customers, employees, shareholders and to the corporation. Commitment to customers begins with a state obligation to provide quality products, service innovation technological responsiveness and customers satisfaction.

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The commitment to employees provides the environment for professional growth while encouraging individual creativity and responsibility. To the communities being served to strive to improve the quality of life through participation in community services. This commitment promises resource utilization and the observance of laws and regulations. The basic unit of human behavior in the workplace is the individual. When someone goes to work for an organization, an agreement occurs ( to provide certain knowledge, skills, energy & abilities in return for salaries, wages, benefits and other rewards). As a result of this exchange, both the people and organizational needs are met. The needs of individuals and the methods used by organizations may change some through the years, but the same general contracts continues.

The degree of initiative of people show toward the accomplishment of their organization’s goal is another factor that seems influenced. Initiative can be thought of as action taken without being urged to do so. In the ideal organizational setting, the people act responsibly without prompting, in pursuing organizational goals and standards.

The realities of life in an organization quickly learn and develop that consists of values, norms and attitudes of the people who make up the organization. Several characteristics including structure, support, performance, conflict, risk, attitude toward change, focus, standards and values, concern, openness, commitment, teamwork and others.

The organization’s goals are established and reviewed through the participation of all individuals and groups in the organization. The group behavior standards or norms to which members are expected. The initial efforts of action planning and action implementation concentrate on changing personal attitudes and habits of organization al members. Such changes affect the habits and attitudes of group of people. As the groups are developed and integrated, organizational members become more capable of dealing with structural, technical and operational problems. It may work with groups rather than with individuals.

Therefore, the development of the mind , the behavior and search for the truth people as thinking and discipline can inspire to wisdom by improving not only the way they think and act but also the quality their ideas and behavior. Break away from the chains of ignorance, greed or apathy. All ideas are open to challenge. In the future as change continues to occur we expect to see organizations respond. Department and agencies within an organization maybe initiated to be social beneficial.

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