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The Supply and Demand for Immigration Laws! One of the most controversial political and economical issues facing the United States today is immigration. The rules against illegal immigrants coming into the United States should be stricter along with the number of legal immigrants we allow into the United States lowered. The reason for these stricter laws and smaller amount of foreigners is due to the drastic increase violence due to immigrants, they also bring in a plethora of diseases while increases the cost of health care and degrading health care service.

Immigrants whether legal or illegal should be under harsher rules and should be constantly observed. Sister Helen Chaska was walking around in her hometown of Oregon doing missionary work when Maximiliano Esparza—illegal immigrant for Mexico—raped her and then strangled her with her rosary beads (Crime Victims). In another cases three young boy s, two of age 9 and the other age 10, were brutally killed by two illegal immigrants. One of the young boys was beheaded while the other two almost beheaded; the children also suffered from blunt force trauma and asphyxiation (Crime Victims).

Immigrants such as Esparaza and the killers of the 3 young boys have no compassion or care for Americans i. e. 9/11. A majority of the violence that occurs in cities is committed by immigrants but once they are caught they are deported back to their country of origin. Once legal immigrants are able to receive their green cards they must be immunized and screen to assure the American government and citizens that they are not bring any diseases over to the USA.

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Chagas Disease, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Swine flu, Leprosy, and Dengue are example of diseases that began in other countries and were bought over to the United States by Immigrants (Engler). In the past 40 years the United States only had 900 cases of Leprosy but it was reported in 2003 that 7,000 people were infected with the disease. Leprosy was first bought over to the United States by illegal from Brazil, Mexico, India and the Caribbean.

We also cannot forget the Hepatitis outbreak in Pittsburgh; the outbreak was caused by a Mexican restaurant shipping food from Mexico to United States (Engler). When illegal immigrants come over to the United States they do not care about what type of sickness they could be bringing over to the United States. A majority of Immigrants whom come over are uninsured. Forty-three percent of immigrants that come to the United States under the age of 65 have no health insurance. That equals out to 9. million uninsured immigrants and not including the illegal ones whom are unaccounted for. The cost of medical care for the uninsured immigrants is passed over to taxpaying citizens. Immigrants also use hospitals, clinics and emergency services twice the rate of U. S. born citizens. This causes long lines and over capacity health care faculties which results in the patients being rushed in and out. A California study showed that U. S. tax payer dollars continuously goes to the delivery of babies from illegal alien mothers.

In one year 74,987 babies were delivered and it cost the taxpayers around 215 million dollars (Illegal Immigration). We have neglected areas in our economy where taxpayers’ dollars should be spent rather paying for illegal immigrants. The statue of liberty was not built to welcome and greet the worlds’ tired and huddled masses. The actually purpose of the Statue of Liberty was to symbolize the French-American friendship and the underlying political message of America supporting and helping Third Republic of France.

Furthermore, the statue of liberty has nothing to do with freely allowing immigrants into the United States (The History). The French initial intent of Lady Liberty is to inspire many culture and countries around the world to emulate the enlightened United States such as the Sculptor of Lady Liberty, Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, hoped to glorify the United States in the republic of French (The History). The message of the Frederic Bartholdi was not intended to be a welcome mat as many immigrants argue but encourage citizen other countries to admire America.

Illegal immigrants are a burden to our country. They blatantly bring in foreign diseases, which could kill of half of our population. When the Immigrants come over here they also commit horrid crimes that are unthinkable in America but are common in their countries. Most of the crime that is actually reported here in the United States is committed by Immigrants. Due to the abundance of immigrants the cost of health care is increasing drastically and the quality of health care is decreasing. Therefore, the U. S. overnment should implement stricter rules and enforcement around our borders and we should decrease the amount of immigrants we allow in the states. Works Cited “Crime Victims of Illegal Immigrants. ” Immigration Human Cost. Web. 14 Nov. 2009. Engler, Robert. “Immigration And Disease: It’s Enough to Make You Sick. ” American Daily. 21 Nov. 2003. Web. 14 Nov. 2009. “Illegal Immigration and Public Health. ” Federation For American Immigration Reform. Web. 15 Nov. 2009. “The History of the Statue of Liberty. ” The Statue of Liberty- Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. Web. 13 Nov. 2009.

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