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Pro Gay Marriage

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The controversy over gay marriage has become highly publicized. However, this issue is not a new debate. Society has voiced its opinions on the subject for many years. Everyone knows that people are able to choose, according to their body and instinct, their sexuality; most of the time, tabulated statistics state that in nine out of ten times option chosen is heterosexual. On the other hand, the other ten percent belongs to the homosexual population, which has been suffering all kinds of persecution and marginalization throughout history, forcing them to live in hiding, with permanent fear, and in scandal.

If there were no such people, we would be unfairly deprived of the works of a lot of painters, sculptors, writers, filmmakers, and many more. Works that we admire today and were created from their homosexual point of view. A few years ago in Europe, some governments, like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain, that are countries of western thought and Christian tradition, have dared to legalize marriage between same sex persons, giving them all the rights and obligations of heterosexual couples, even including adoption.

Obama has not made a firm promise on either side of this issue, but he has recently indicated that he will do his part to push for equal rights regarding the gay population. These steps are acts of justice that recognize the right of citizens to choose their sexual orientation by themselves without feeling discriminated or diminished, and they give homosexual couples the same right to form a family and offspring that marriage concedes to heterosexual couples. Unfortunately these steps are not enough; there are still a lot of people contrary to the marriage between people of same sex.

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The arguments against the right of gay couples to marry can be beaten when they are examined closely. One of the most used has been that there is a deathblow to the family as an institution. Why? How? Cannot heterosexual couples continue to marry and have children if they want to. Does anyone, because of the establishment of this right, force someone to marry or not marry differently from the traditional? Of course not. On the other hand, by allowing gay couples to marry and adopt children, this will inject new vitality to an institution, the family, that - someone did not otice yet? - suffered from a long time in a deep crisis in western society. Counting the number of divorces, which grows each year, there are voices who predict a hopeless obsolescence. The paradox is that probably only through homosexuals, who as all persecuted minorities want to get out of the ghetto in which society has confined them, the family can reestablished the illusion and the respect that in a very large number of heterosexuals, particularly young people, seems to have been lost.

So there is no irony in me saying that I think that it is very possible that in twenty or thirty years statistics will discover more stable families among gay marriage. Identical prejudgment says that children adopted by gay couples will suffer anomalous behavior because a child to be "normal" needs to have a father and a mother, not two fathers or two mothers. This dogmatic assertion does not have any psychological support. Children needs love, either from two fathers, two mothers or both of them.

There are also some people who have a stubborn blindness and have not learned that a lot of cases of violence and sexual abuse have been discovered in heterosexual couples. Those parents, either heterosexual or homosexual, are unique, and regarding the education of their children may be admirable, tyrannical, loving or cruel. It is clear that those people have fought so hard to be able to adopt children, fortunately now in some parts of Europe they can do, are raising children with enthusiasm and taking on the responsibility of their role.

There is no reason behind all these arguments. There is an inveterate prejudice, an instinctive revulsion toward those who practice love in a way that centuries of ignorance, stupidity, and obscurantism have demonized by calling it abnormal. It is important to be said that a recent statistic in the United States revealed that 33% of young people who commit suicide are gay, and half of them were rejected by their parents. Tell me what then is the reason for adolescent boys and girls who will be committing suicide right now because they are attracted to someone of the same sex?

Maybe because society has failed to accept them, and one of the key points for acceptance can be if their union in marriage is considered legal. Actually, science, biology, anthropology, psychology, and history have put ideas in place long ago and have established that talk of abnormality of sexual vocation in human beings is risky and alienating; unfortunately, the church has never been aligned with these assertions. The fact is that the gay population has been wondering through the years why they cannot marry as heterosexuals.

The church has tried to explain for many years that marriage has to be between men and women under God’s eyes. This position is understandable especially from the Catholic standpoint. The other thing the church gives importance to along with marriage is procreation. So far, there is no need to do a fertility analysis on heterosexual couples who wish to marry. This is another point at which we realize that the church is not acting fairly.

They expect us to believe that procreation is more important besides love in marriage, but really they do not care too much, because they do not punish the infertile heterosexuals. Homosexual population cannot accept that they are deprived of a fundamental right such as marriage. It should have to be a possibility that the church accepts to change the rules and includes in their definition of marriage that can be either same or different sex. There is a lot of the homosexual population keeping their faith and they would like to marry in a church.

Others, instead, have chosen to stay away from the church because the ongoing ridicule they are actually suffering from the church. There has to be a point where we can put both parties together. The way to do it will be difficult, but not impossible. We have already seen that the church will never consider marriage between same sex people, but let me invite them to a little reflection. It would be that the purpose of marriage is the union of a man and a woman in front of God’s eyes, based on love that they profess.

If they could think about people regardless their gender, gay marriage would fall into this category. That is what we have to make them recognize. We love each other regardless of sexual option. It is the same love. Love between two people who want to share their lives Everyone knows that in the beginning of the twenty first century no one follows some of the church recommendations. There are very few believers who have endured celibacy until marriage; this is one of the proofs with which we realize that the church needs a renovation to make them adapt to contemporary times.

It would be fair to reflect and could accommodate a definition of marriage to speak of only the union between two people regardless of gender. The governments of as many countries as possible should urge their language academies to update the term and recommend the church does not put any barrier and even marry homosexual believers if they want to. Given that society has advanced so much, and some minorities are fortunately vanishing because rights are slowly recognizing.

We have the opportunity to change the course of history and ensure that our generation be remembered for changes that really changed things for the better live in the beginning of twenty first century. Therefore, it may be fair to say that the definition of marriage should be changed in order to give homosexual couples the same rights and obligations as heterosexual couples. We are all individuals, and we have the same rights and nobody because of his or her sexual choice should be excluded.

People cannot turn a deaf ear to all these cases of boys and girls who are committing suicide, and an extraordinary step forward to normalize the situation would be by treating gay marriage as normal. Also a lesbian bride should have the same right looking forward to her wedding day, and have an engagement ring or even have and raise babies. It would be an important step towards a fundamental equalizing right of human beings, to be equal and to be able to live in a climate of respect, harmony, and fairness.

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