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What is the equation for photosynthesis? CA + OH ; C6H1206 + 602 6. What are suspended in the fluid strata Of chloroplasts? Stacks of ayatollahs called grand . Photosynthesis/Diocletian Pathway is a series of linked chemical reactions from which energy from the sun is converted into chemical energy in the form of organic compounds.  What is the purpose of chlorophyll? Absorb light energy Why is it green? Green Color reflected . What can happen to light when it strikes an object? Reflected, Absorbed, and Transmitted. What happens when chlorophyll absorbs light?

Electrons are raised to a higher energy level 11. Where do the electron from a chlorophyll molecule go when they move to a higher energy level? Electron transport chain . Electrons found in photosynthesis are eventually replaced by electrons from photosynthesis. Where does the oxygen come from that is produced in photosynthesis? Water . What is the major gas byproduct of photosynthesis? Oxygen . Photosynthesis occurs in the ethylated membrane and converts light energy into chemical energy.  What process provides the energy to produce TAP molecules? Photosynthesis .

Ethylated membrane is where electrons return to their original energy levels. Calvin Cycle creates the carbohydrates needed for energy and growth in photosynthesis. What other organic molecules are produced? Proteins and Lipids . Name the two prod cuts of the light reaction in photosynthesis that provide energy for the Calvin Cycle. TAP and NADIA . What does the Calvin Cycle require? TAP and NADIA Can it occur in light and dark conditions?  What does the Calvin Cycle generate? Where does the TAP for the Calvin Cycle come from for the production of carbohydrate molecules?

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Light Reactions of photosynthesis . Where do all the carbon atoms in organic lessees ultimately come from? Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere . Why is TAP important? Essential for all tasks necessary for cell's life. What gas is produced in photosynthesis necessary for cellular respiration? Oxygen . What is the equation for cellular respiration? C6H1206 + 602 CHIC + OH + energy (TAP) . What process breaks down food molecules to release stored energy? Cellular Respiration. What occurs during glycoside? Molecule of glucose is split, two molecules of Pyrrhic Acid are made, and 2 Tap's are produced.

Is glycoside an aerobic or anaerobic reaction? Anaerobic. What is the process that takes place when organic compounds are broken down anaerobic (without oxygen)? Fermentation. What is produced in muscles when you exercise vigorously in the absence of necessary oxygen? Lactic Acid. Name the three stages of cellular respiration. Glycoside, Krebs (Citric Acid) Cycle, and Electron Transport Chain What are the two main stages for cellular respiration? Glycoside and Aerobic Respiration Which stage prod cues the most energy? Electron Transport Chain  NADIA, CA, and FADDY are formed during the Krebs Cycle.

What two aerobic stages in cellular respiration reduce most of the TAP needed for life, break down glucose into Carbon Dioxide, water, and TAP? Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain.What are the end products of the electron transport chain in cellular respiration? Water and Tap's. Electrons combine with oxygen and protons to form water at the end of the electron transport chain . When living cells break down molecules, what is the form of energy stored and energy released Stored as TAP and heat is released . What two molecules donate the electrons for the electron transport chain? FADDY and NADIA and H2O.

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