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Respiration System of Animal

1. Respiration System of animal: The respiration system is important to all animals, this system interacts others system in our body to provide energy and maintain life. Animals inbreathe oxygen, the body though metabolic process to produce ATP (energy source) and carbon dioxide, finally, carbon dioxide would be exhaled to animal body.

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Operation System in company: Company provides some resources such as place, money, human resource. Managers operate the activities in the company and make decisions. The output in this system is the profit or loss of the company. . A firm can survive and succeed in the long run if it successfully develops strategies to confront 5 competitive forces that shape the structure of competition in its industry. These include rivalry of competitors within its industry, threat of new entrants, threat of substitutes, bargaining power of customers and bargaining power of suppliers. Some competitive strategies can be used to minimize the competitive force: cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy, innovation strategy, growth strategies and alliance strategies. . The more suitable hardware peripherals for input in a retail operation are touch screen and optical scanning. The touch screen can provide a more user friendly interface to the staffs, even though they have less computer knowledge. Also, optical scanning can provide the faster and easier usage. Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and matrix printers are suitable for a retail operation, because LCD provide a thin, flat display to use less space.

Furthermore, matrix printers can use less time to make some copies in the same time. In using the secondary storage for a retail operation, hard disk drives are more suitable. Hard disk drives allow higher speeds, greater data-recording densities, and closer tolerances within a sealed, more stable environment. Nowadays, the capacity of hard drives is up to many terabytes of storage, it can use less space to save more data in one hard disk drive.