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Persuasion, Manipulation, and Seduction

Persuasion, manipulation and seduction are best described as cousins in a family tree of a genealogy. Although each term is different in meaning the end result of each are the similar. Depending on the information and the intentions of the persuader, this is how we can tell the difference from persuasion, manipulation, and seduction; According to Codoban (2006), author of from persuasion to manipulation and seduction.

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It is almost impossible for people to avoid persuasion throughout the course of their day. If they listen to the radio or watch television, they encounter advertisements, news media and the opinions and values expressed by announcers, actors, show hosts and advertisers. If they go to work, they are likely to encounter persuasion from their boss, co-workers, or clients. If they share a home with other people, they are likely to engage is persuasion over what to eat, which television shows to watch or where to go for fun.

Persuasion comes in many forms. Persuasion itself cannot be good or bad. By nature, it is neutral, until the intention of the persuader and the response of the persuadee are incorporated into the equation. It is only when put into practice and responded to that a particular persuasion can be considered positive or negative. For example, persuading a person to eat healthier foods is a good persuasion if you are genuinely concerned for their health, but doing so in order to evoke feelings of guilt or shame would be bad.

Likewise, persuading someone to ride a roller coaster may seem harmless unless the persuadee is convinced to ignore medical complications or go against their will. There are some types of persuasion that, while they may not always be negative, usually carry a negative connotation. Two of these forms of persuasion are manipulation and seduction.


A perfect example of the modern day persuasion, manipulation and seduction is when I politician is running for office. This is the most fulfilling process to engage in. Your life becomes shared with thousands of people who want to see a different type of person. Someone whose qualities represent the values that society is supposed to represent. Someone that people aspire to become, or wish they were in life. In reality, the politician has no idea that they are going to possess the qualities of persuasion, manipulation and seduction.