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Thesis statement: why revitalization taking so long and the Impact that this revitalization process affect the resident In Clinton hill. (Topic sentence and main idea)2nd reasons: the government policy Hirsch process 2nd evidence: "It is ironic that after fighting disinvestment and seeking to encourage reinvestment for more than 20 years the revitalization value that PACK was trying to protect - is seriously threatened. 1 "Plans for a pedestrian plaza on Myrtle Avenue have been pushed back until summer due to glitches in the bidding process. This isn't the first hold up, which was championed by the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership. " "The public art component of the plaza was held up by Public Design Commission approval, according to Brownstones. "2 "has long been delayed even before 2013, from above said will be done by august 2013 and push again till next year 2015 summer. "Myrtle Minutes reported that construction will begin this summer and will last for more than a year. 3 (which they have mention will be finished only 2015) "Alex Barrett, a real-estate developer, unveiled his company's first construction -fence aural, at 4 and 8 Downing Street in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. ( server and a documentary "Dave Chapel's Block Party," from 2005. ) a mural that related the building history. "eh did get approved and he feel suck a good thing why should go thru such Inconvenient process. 3rd reason: bad news 3rd evidence: "It is important to note that a substantial minority -23 percent -of Clinton Hill's population in 1950 was black, having increased 37 percent over 1940.

Although the black population as a whole appeared to have a lower socioeconomic status than all Clinton Hill residents, the proportion of black was not substantially less than that for Brooklyn as a whole. More important, black households were more likely than white Clinton Hill residents to won their dwelling in 1950. "5 " A final factor that may have limited the speed of revitalization was the Image of the neighborhood. The New York magazine article quoted earlier refers to Fort Greene as a " rough" area. 6 1 OFF police protection and everything, as expected. "7 Form the physical observe tracing, in front of Bamboo gill and bar there were two black men talks to a black girl. I listened to their conversation while walking across is kind of intimidate you and gross. With one of the guy persistently putting his hand in his pant. 5th reason:barn raising 5th evidence: " A unique aspects of the revitalization in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill is that the proportion of nonwhite residents increased through the last decade. Clearly, one of the major underpinnings of the revitalization of these two neighborhoods is the continuing attraction of these areas to black middle-class households, many of whom undoubtedly are young professionals. "8 "Through her (Mr.. James) activism she had been able to witness the varying ways that people try to affect change in the neighborhood. "9 "As I described in chapter 2, local community based organizations have also played an integral role in revitalization these neighborhoods. 10 "These social aspects include the myriad ways that neighbors influence one's behavior. Most common in the popular imagination is the notion of peer effects. Peer effects suggest that like follows like and individuals will be influenced by the behavior of their peers....... The perspectives Just described examine how an individual's behavior is shaped by the socioeconomic composition of his or her neighbors. The collective community, however, also has a voice in shaping the neighborhood milieu through collective action.

A neighborhood is more than the sum of individuals but is an entity itself and can be thought of as more or less effective in achieving its objectives...... Finally, more affluent neighbors might also be a benefit because of their indirect influence on institutions that serve the neighborhood. I refer to this as institutional resources and consider the role of the gentry in shaping this important component of neighborhood life as well. 11 6th reason: difference or conflict with... Some enjoy with current and some want change (interactions between the gentry and old residents. 6th evidence: "In addition, a greater proportion of the work force in Clinton Hill (27 percent) than in the entire borough (20 percent) was employed in white-collar occupations. "12 the sudden improvement, even if beneficial, was also insulting. "13 "But there were still people who looked with reverence on the old structure and wished to see it survive the depredations of what was know in those days as "urban renew. "14 7th reason: old house n relax 7th evidence: Many brownstones along the streets ringing the park are abandoned, their front yards littered with burned mattresses and glass; the rooming houses nearby are crowded.

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On sunny summer and fall afternoons the prostitutes and winos overflow their stoops at night the blare of music is never far off.... "1 5 "According to the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, the area retains its original character today, The area was designated a New York City Historic District in 1978 and a National Historic District in 1983. "16 "By 1880, the area within the historic district was almost entirely built-up. "17

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