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When Racial was a young boy he would always spend time with his older brother, Pacing. He learned so many things from his brother. Pacing made a great impact on Racal's life. As a child, Racial had so many interest, he was into painting, sculpting, reading, writing and many more. He grew up in a family that is exposed to books and there he learned to love reading and writing. One of the most important person that contributed to Racal's being was his mother, Deodorant Alonso.

During the time of Racal's mother, it was very unlikely for a woman to reach college level, but she was able to reach college and was an expert in mathematics. Jose Racial learned from his mother about the ways of life and on being a good citizen to his country. There would be no Jose Racial if it was not for Deodorant Alonso. Because of Racal's intelligence, he was sent to Banyan, a more advanced city in Laguna, and later on went to Atone Municipal nag Manila for advanced learning.

There were parts of Jose Racal's novels that was inspired by incidents that happened in Racal's time. One incident that led Jose Racial to write about Isis in one of his novels was the incident that happened to his mother. Deodorant Alonso was accused of poisoning her sister-in-law and was punished without any proof. And another Incident that was told to Jose Racial by his brother was the execution of the SOMBRERO, an acronym denoting the surnames of the priests that was executed.

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