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Analysts Strength Enduring brand effect and brand history Pate Philippe has always been auction in famous clock auction like Antiquarian auction, but it always seemed to refresh the astonishing record. Brand love that kind of success. So like Albert Einstein, duke elongating, Photo Tchaikovsky, queen Victoria, the Pope billiard, and Rudyard Kipling are all in Pate philippic's past valued customers list. He company has 160 years' experience in tabulation, so it is the eternal pursuit for all the collectors that has high grade. Rewarded Advertisement and Publicity UP publicity has Strong emotional expression and the conception of global connection. Pate Philippe print advertising campaign has been going on for more than 1 5 years, the famous advertising tagging "creating their own traditional (the Begin your own tradition)" has been a household legendary advertising. This gave company good corporate image.

Quality assurance and incomparable product complexity Pate Philippe watch were produced 42000 pieces each year, and 15000000 parts fixed yields and 50 kinds of movement are produced with independent research, development and production. The all productive process are monitoring by Family Stern. It helped the process stability, for example, only 2. 5% of the rework rate including dust, etc. ), and watch industry rework an average of 14% to 15%. So the consumer have confidence in this brand.

High watch technology In watches and clocks, pate Philippe has been in a leading position, has several patents. "Pate Philippe" in 1851 won the first "spin wind-up handle" patents, the patent of major projects include precision regulator, double timer, large spiral rotor balance wheel, peripheral type automatic chain, and the balance wheel hub device, etc. Only 30 years from 1949 to 1979, there is 40 patents. , it has the most in the watches. Pate Philippe announced the new quality standards for mechanical attaches, Pate Philippe seal in 2009. T gave tee company Irreplaceable and technology status. Weakness High product time to market a complex function pate Philippe watches need 4 years for designing and researching, 9 month for producing,3 month for setting and Quality monitoring. Read also PlayStation 4 SWOT Analysis

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Pate Philippe. SOOT Analysis By rainy Limited volume production UP only produces 42,000 watches every year. And because of its volume of production, even though it has high price,but it limited its profit growth. Poor design of website and another online platform The website is too simple, the design style is unable to highlight brand image.

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