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Park – Creative Writing

Tiny pieces of broken green glass lay around the fencing, glistening in the sun, and litter and pink chewing gum stuck to the bin and gate.The smell of dog urine whiffs as the wind blows and every now and then a young mother shouts, “don’t stand in that it’s dirty!”

A small fat child sits on his own, indulging in a huge ice cream, smothered with a dark brown chocolate source and sprinkles the colours of the rainbow.He wipes the ice cream from around his mouth with his grubby little hands, smearing mud across his face, another child kicks a ball at him and knocks his treat from his hands…A loud cry and the child’s mother comes slowly plodding over, her huge waste bouncing from side to side.

Whilst all the little kids play, thuggish looking teenagers barbarically kick bins over and shout at the top of their lungs in which are filled with smoke, holding beer cans and vodka bottles they run around like wild animals.

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All with their hoods up they intimidate not just the younger children, but their parents too, before the darkness arrives, the park is empty and only contains the youths who run riot care free. Sitting on the swings and pouring beer down the slide, one of the teens shout “old bill”! The rest of the thugs launch their alcohol into a nearby hedge and sit like nothings going on.

As the odd looking policemen come nearer, one rather tall with beady little eyes and the other short and plump carrying his hat, the teens become anxious but don’t show their fear. The policemen are suspicious and search four of the youths while the other five slowly walk away pretending they weren’t there, the fat policeman’s face screws up and he frowns as he pulls out a packet of cigarettes from the fourteen year old skin heads pocket, he slips them into a bag. “Oi they’re mine” shouts the loud mouthed four foot boy. The policeman take down the kids names and tells them to clear off before they’re arrested.

The four teens that got searched look glumly at the floor and slowly walk away, looking back at the policemen, scowling viciously as if they don’t have anything better to do.

They’re finally reunited with the other five hood rats that walked away; they all squabble like three year olds about why they walked away. All looking at each other in suspense, a fight breaks out. A bloody nose. A black eye. They never learn.

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