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Question 1 A). Describe in your own words what you believe nursing is? -Nursing is responsible to look after sick and injured people . It is a duty of care to assess, planned ,help what their needs to keep them healthy ,comfortable and happy. A nurse must have ability to ensure their knowledge , skills ,and experience and confident to ensure their profession. B). Provide an overview of each Nursing Theory. -Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory (Orem) Dorothy Orem’s self care deficit theory, general theory of nursing is one of the host widely used model in nursing today.

In 1914,Orem was born in Baltimore ,Maryland. She received her nursing diploma in the early 1930’s from Providence Hospital School of Nursing ,Washington D. C. In addition to earning a BSN Ed. (1939) and MSN Ed. (1945), She has received three honorary doctorates and an Alumni Achievement Award For Nursing Theory in 1980 from Catholic University of America. (Hartweg,1995). In 1978, Orem (citied in Faucett, 2005) connected that the task required in dentification of the domain and boundaries of nursing as a science and an art .

After reflecting upon her own nursing experience, Orem says then answer . come to her as a flash of in sight an understanding that the reason why individuals could benefit from anything was the existence of self care limitations. -Interpersonal relations Model (Peplau) In 1952 Hildegard Peplau made an attempt to analyse nursing action using an interpersonal Page1 Theoretical framework. Her theory focuses on the relationship formed by people as they progress through each development stage.

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She viewed the goal of nursing as developing a relationship between the nurse and client whereby the nurse acts as resource person, counselor, teacher and surrogate. -Complementary-Supplementary model (Henderson) In 1964 Virginia Henderson described the goal of nursing as helping the client to gain independence as rapidly as possible and defined nursing as assisting the individual sick or well ,in the performance of those activities contributing to health, is recovery promoting quality of life or to a peaceful death that the client would perform unaided if he or she had the necessary strength, will or knowledge.

Henderson identified 14 basic needs that provide a framework for nursing care. These are breathe normally, eat and drink adequately, eliminate by all avenues of elimination, move and maintain a desirable position, sleep and rest, select suitable clothing, dress, and undress, maintain body temperature within normal range, keep the clean and well groomed, avoid dangers in the environment, communicate with others, workship according to faith, work at something that provides a sense of accomplishment, play or participate in various forms of recreation, learn, discover or satisfy the curiosity that leads to normal development and health. hrough each development stage. She viewed the goal of nursing as developing a relationship between

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