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“The Cask of Amontillado,” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” Have a Similar Overview of Each Story

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There are other characteristics that set these stories apart from each other. These two stories are similar because they both have a plot to murder someone which is hidden from the reader. They are different in the way each narrator goes about handling the murders.

Poe's short story is one of revenge and secret murder. It's a tale of terror starring two main characters: Montresor and Fortunato. Montresor is the narrator and the murderer. Fortunato is a wine connoisseur and the victim. The story begins with Montresor explaining that his friend named Fortunato done many horrible things to him throughout their time together, but last insult was the final blow that had forced him to seek revenge against his “friend”. He continues to make it aware to us that he has given Fortunato no insight to the fact that he is plotting to kill him, and he plans to use Fortunato's knowledge of wine to lure him to his death. Very quickly, Montresor persuaded his friend Fortunato to come over to his home so he can show him the new case of Amontillado that he recently received.

Montresor continues to say that his servants are gone from the house for the night, so the men can have the house to themselves. Montresor's home is very large. When they arrive, they go down a winding staircase to enter the catacombs. It becomes aware to Montresor that Fortunato is very drunk, and he begins coughing. Montresor shows empathy and concerned for the man's well being and feeds him more alcohol. Fortunato begins do act even more drunk, shaking with all of his movements, and accuses Montresor of not being a mason. Montresor states he can prove that he certainly is a mason and pulls out a trowel. Eventually they come to the very back area of the catacombs, they find a smaller opening that is filled with human bones. Next to them they see a recessed area, about four feet deep, three feet wide, and seven feet high. Fortunato continues in the area with Montresor's almost pushing him into the smaller corner.

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However, Fortunato, who has been drinking heavily, is confused as Montresor chains him to the area. Fortunato is still asking for the Amontillado while Montresor goes to get more bricks. However, once Montresor starts building a wall at the entrance of the small area, Fortunato begins to realize what really is taking place. Montresor describes the sounds he hears as he builds such as, the jingling of Fortunato's bells and the clanking of the chains. Once the wall is about half-way up, Fortunato begins screaming, and Montresor mocks him. Montresor. humors him for a moment, but soon Fortunato realizes it's not a game. He screams, 'For the love of. God, Montresor,' and Montresor repeats his words. There is silence (Poe).

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