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Nonverbal Communication: Emotions

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Nonverbal communication is playing nowadays one of the most important roles in organizations and companies, because it is the only source of mutual understanding among employees and customers, directors and suppliers, etc. Apparently, one of the wide-spread barriers to communicate emotions is hierarchy or status. Hierarchy affects communication of emotions, because the fact that a person is a boss certainly creates barrier to open and sincere communication.

Boss is responsible for determining rewards and penalties and thus he is often treated negatively. Therefore, the only way to improve the situation is collaboration approach meaning that boss has to motivate employees to share information and, furthermore, he has to introduce rewarding systems for skillful employees to show that he really respects their work. Other obstacles involve cultural differences, dreaming, flittering, judging, analyzing and many others.

Understanding how to communicate emotions effectively will help to promote creating smoothly working project teams; responding to customers, clients, and markets; living and working in a culturally diverse world. Effective nonverbal communication skills are really important, because they will assist in better company’s performance either in domestic or international market. In a modern swiftly changing world people and cultures are circulating and interacting as at a really dizzying speed.

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Nonverbal Communication: Emotions

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Those people who know how to use emotions and how to communicate them effectively have a crucial advantage over others. Emotions are very important in group communications. The main benefits of communication emotions are that they replace verbal communications, complement verbal communication enhancing the message sent and express interpersonal attitudes, thoughts and feelings.

The possible ways to improve communication of emotions are smile making the communication more pleasant, friendly and warm; trust and honesty in business relations; ability to help and assist others in resolving internal conflicts.


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