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Nicholas I

Tsar (Czar) was one of the many autocratic leaders that ruled Russia.He was part of an autocratic monarch.Which had officially made him a sole ruler and a sort of king.

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He would persuade people by saying to them that he had a Divine Right we meant that God made him the ruler. Uneducated people often believed that if they were poor or wealthy it was God that had chosen their lives. In 1825 Nicholas I had a revolt with a group of revolutionaries called the Dismembers, they were the people that wanted a constitution, which then meant that he Tsar had to obey rules.

The Tsar being an autocrat hated this idea, he then revolted and crushed that revolt. The Tsar was proclaimed the “Gendarme of Europe”. The only theory that Nicholas had of a government was Nationality, Autocracy, and orthodoxy [religion]. Any discussion and belief on politics against Nicholas was banned, but some aristocrats met In secret to discuss about politics and If they were discovered they were either hanged or sent to Siberia. During all of that In 1848 Western Europe the industrial revolution had started, this had brought technology, and new weapons.

In 1854 Nicholas I believed that Russia was one of the greatest countries in Europe, he then decided to invade Turkey since they were connected to the black sea and so they had an interesting port for trading. Also the Turkish Empire was in a decrease in power so it would be easy to win. The other countries such as France and Britain did not co-operate very well for this idea so they fought on the Turkish side. Knowing that France and Britain ere in there industrial revolution they had better warfare. At the end of the Crimean War Russia had lost. In 1855 Nicholas I died of Pneumonia.

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