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My Strengths and Weaknesses as a Writer in English 099

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In this letter I am writing about my strengths and weaknesses as a writer in English 099. When I signed up for English099 It came upon me that I needed help with my writing abilities to become a better writer at the end of the semester. I also needed this class because I knew I would need it through the rest of my education and maybe for the rest of my life. I have strengths and weaknesses as a writer and I want to experience the steps to become that better writer. One of the struggles that make me a weak writer is when I write I do not know where and when to put the punctuation marks to make the writing sound enhanced. Another weakness in my writing is creating a thesis statement to state what my paper it talking about.

I never understood how to start these or what to put in them or what they are even meant for. Some of the strengths I have as a writer are my organization, word choice, and looking over and revising papers. Before I write my papers, I like to make some type of organizer so it makes it easier for me to write and so I have a well-organized paper. Word choice is an important piece to writing a paper because it can enhance the way it sounds. Revising my papers is one of the strongest for me as a writer because when I write the rough draft and look it over, I see many mistakes that I did not see while writing the paper. Revising helps me see what I did wrong and learn from the mistakes I made so I do not make the same ones in my next paper. It also helps me become a better writer. Through this class, I was able to clearly define a layout from start to end that fit my needs and writing style in order to present a cohesive final product. I could not be more thrilled with the grades that I received throughout the semester and I would like to share one of my strongest pieces and weakest pieces of work with you. They vary in tone and subject matter and I truly hope that you enjoy reading them.

My strongest submission was from our second assignment, the narrative essay. For my topic, I chose to tell my life-changing story. For anyone who has had a life changing experience or even someone who has not can be filled with mixed emotions. I wanted to be able to share those emotions and the experience with the readers. I feel that my narrative essay shows that I have a clear understanding of the importance of showing a mix of specific details with general propositions. When reading pay close attention to the description of the experience that actually happened to me as a child. I feel that this section is very vivid and causes the reader to want to continue to see what the end results will be.

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My weakest submission is the third assignment, the compare and contrast paper. I put this paper in the weak category because this was the weakest piece I wrote in this course because I had trouble with not addressing the same issues with my life before and my life after the activity. I would also say this is one of my weakest pieces because there were many mistakes in grammar and many mistakes with using past and present tense correctly. I am also submitting this piece as it was one of the more important papers that use most of the writing techniques and helped me become more aware of the mistakes I made and look for these in the future. These mistakes made me become a better writer and an improved reviser for my papers to overcome my goal of becoming a more advanced writer.

I feel that I have learned a lot from this course that I can use in both my academic, personal, and professional lives. The two most important things that I have taken away from this course are proper sentence structure and how to appropriately organize a paper from beginning to end. I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading these works as much as I have enjoyed writing and developing them.

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