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Morality of specific actions

It is not a secret that everyone can make mistake and there is no person who has never made mistake throughout the life. But what mistake and what sequences and problems it can lead to – it is another question?

For instance, when in 1986 the specialists responsible for the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant lacked a ‘safety culture’ resulting in an inability to remedy design weaknesses despite being known about before the accident – they made mistakes (Causes of the Chernobyl Accident 1). Afterwards, those mistakes led to the global disaster.

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The chain reaction in the reactor became out of control creating explosions. High radiation level took place in the surrounding 20-mile radius and more than 30 people were killed immediately and about 135,000 were evacuated. In general, the result of the mistakes was 2,500 deaths (Health and Physiological          Consequences 1).

Actually, it is very difficult to evaluate the damage and consequences of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. Thus, evaluating the specific actions of the specialists in this case, we can say that off course their mistakes were inadmissible and these people had to be hold to higher standards of legal responsibility and their actions had to be considered as a crime.

As to the advantages of the given position it should be pointed out that higher standards of legal accountability and responsibility make people understand the importance of their specific actions and problems, which can be caused, as a result of their mistakes. Such punishment will help to avoid repeating the similar accidents in the future.

On the other hand, the given position has also its disadvantages. For instance, if higher standards of legal responsibility take place a doctor will think twice before to start a difficult operation. However, sometimes a doctor has to make an urgent decision and has almost no time to take into consideration all factors and threads, as a result of which a patient can die. In this case, a doctor has to think about a patient and try the best to safe his life, but not about higher standards. So, coming to the conclusion it should be emphasized that higher standards of legal responsibility have to take place, but also they have to take into account all possible circumstances, which may occur in the future.


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