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Exercises for Different Specific Muscle Groups

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Muscles, together with our bones, shape a human’s body framework. Muscle causes motions by exerting force. It is divided into four muscle groups which are the head and neck muscles, trunk muscles, upper extremity and lower extremity muscles. A well-balanced exercise program helps to maintain muscle strength and tone.

Head and neck muscles move our head and shoulders thus proper exercise is needed to relax and maintain the natural muscle girdle. One can do the isometric front and back neck exercise wherein the person will sit and will gently push his or her head backwards without bending the neck to develop neck muscle. Try to avoid any more head movements as you resist the push. After doing this for 16 counts, work on pushing from the back side of your head (Miller).

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Trunk muscles can gain more strength from stability ball exercises.  You can do full squat with the stability ball by immediately extending legs and standing up and down while pressing hands up above the head to keep wrists over elbows and arms moving parallel to your body. Do this for 20 counts and then for another set.

Another exercise for your trunk is the stability ball crunch wherein first you will sit upright in the stability ball with feet firmly on the floor. Walk forward allowing the stability ball to roll until it is placed on to your mid-back part. Place your hands in your chest and contract your abdomen and raise your shoulders up. It is like having sit-ups while taking care of your neck not to be strained by keeping the head at the neutral position. Do this in 20 repetitions for 3 sets (Sports Fitness Advisor).

Upper extremity/limb muscles include shoulder, forearm, down to finger muscles. Strive to finish 12-15 repetitions push-ups/triceps push-ups. After that, hold free weights with your palms facing up, stand with feet hip-width apart, abdomen tight. Lift the weights, turn the palms face out, then do in reverse motion. Repeat for 12-15 repetitions (MedicineNet).

To improve your lower extremity/limb muscles, do ankle exercises by sitting erectly with your soles against the base of a wall, keeping your legs straight. Place your hands on the floor behind you for support. Flex your feet to bringing your toes toward the shins. Repeat for 5 times to stretch and get your leg’s natural girdle. Last, to improve your hamstrings lie on your back with one knee bent and its foot on the floor.

Extend the other leg on the floor with foot bended. Lie down your hands on your side and then extend your straight leg in the air forming as close to 90 degrees with respect to your upper body. Then lower your leg to the floor repeating for 5 times. Try to increase your motion speed with each repetition. Hold your leg up in the air on the last repetition. Jog or brisk walk for 2 minutes after completing all the exercises.

Exercises for Different Specific Muscle Groups essay

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