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Moral Dilemmas

4 November 2012 HUM 115 Catherine Reynolds: Moral Dilemmas The five of the moral dilemmas I chose were the following: The Partiality of Friendship; A Poisonous Cup of Coffee; A Callous Passerby; The Fat Man and the Impending Doom; and A Father’s Agonizing Choice. Out of these 4 dilemmas I have chosen the dilemma that is titled: A Callous Passerby. The reason why I chose this particular one is because I got a story that relates to this story.

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When it comes to saving a person life and not caring how the situation may go while doing but you know you can succeed in doing is a great deed.

This certain dilemma would go under an altruistic moral theory because in the reading it states this moral is under the golden rule that I always taught: “Do unto others as you have them do unto you. ” And this is basically saying do the right thing at all times and don’t let minor things do give you a set-back on the situation. My experience with this type of moral was to see a lady in a burning house trying to find her kids and grandkid and get them out the burning house. I was on my way to a movie and I was dressed too. I had new clothes, shoes, and just left the hair dresser early that morning.

When I saw the house it looked like it just started burning. No fire trucks, polices, or ambulances were on the highway to come to the seen. The lady was outside and screaming for help. Good thing I had took the back way to my destination or else I would not have seen this incident. As the lady screamed “call for help, my kids are in there! ” I knew right then she didn’t have a phone or couldn’t get to it. So I called for help and they said they were coming. So as I asked the lady how long has this been going on and she said about 30 minutes. As she was telling me what happened I heard some kids hollering and crying.

I asked her how many were in the house and she said 4. Two of her grandchildren and her other two were her kids by adoption. When it came to me getting them out, I burned up my pants and shirt and also damaged my hair. But I think of the situation as a blessing because those kids would’ve of been burnt if I would not of save them. I was just thinking I am going to be late for the movie I have no more clothes to change into and my hair smells awful. However, I had to look at like this, I saved a life that wouldn’t have been here another day. The movies are always playing movies.

My general conclusions about my moral compass are what I was taught growing up from childhood. When it came to me helping people when I knew I could I would go for it. My mother and father always said “think about what you do, and don’t do anything that you’ll regret later and always remember this “treat others how you wanted to be treated; and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. ” Those words meant a lot to me growing up and the reason why is because I followed through those words in life and it got me feeling good about life because I know have done right.