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Dilemmas All Students Face

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It’s no secret that every day can be a struggle when you’re a student. So many choices and decisions: what should I do, party or studyCall my friends or my parentsOr should I break up with my boyfriend or girlfriend! So many courses of action; who knows which is the right path to go down?

Thankfully due to our experience we can help, even with those questions that can leave you a little stumped.

1. How do I Get up on time

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Waking up for early lectures can be a tough ask, especially when you’ve been up all night (studying or partying). But missing lectures to get 30 minutes more in bed won’t really help you when it comes to the end of term exams and essays. Try and get yourself into a routine or waking up at the same time everyday, that way your body clock will get used to the early mornings and getting up won’t be such an effort. Failing that, keep a cup of cold coffee or a hot chilli next to you bed and take a bite of that when you first wake up – you won’t be going back to bed after that!

2. How do I Eat healthily on a budget?

One of the biggest dilemmas students face is the challenge of eating healthily on a budget. Food shopping isn’t cheap, especially if you are shopping healthily. But just because it’s most cost-effective to buy 100 packets of super noodles doesn’t mean you should do it! Your health is important, it affects your mood and your ability to study. You don’t want to miss lectures or under perform in an exam because you have freshers flu. Try to shop around for fresh fruit and vegetables where you can, and remember to freeze as much food as you can – you will be surprised how long you can make things last!

3. Should I work in the day or all through the night

It might sound like a good idea, but anyone who has pulled a Red Bull-fuelled all-nighter will tell you that there is nothing rewarding about slaving all through the night to produce a last-minute essay. Not only do you spend the next day feeling terrible, but the chances are you will not have produced the highest standard or work! Working tired is likely to lead you to make basic mistakes or rush in an attempt to get the essay ready on time. Start the planning and work for your essays much earlier and save yourself from the last minute deadline rush. Remember, our site is also here to help if you are struggling to get your essays together on time. Click here to see how we can help.

4. Do the reading or bluff your way through the seminar

This one is easy – No matter how boring or hard it seems. Do it. We’ve all been in that situatation where a lecturer or tutor turns to you to ask your opinion on some key text, and we’ve been left speechless. The only person you are fooling when you don’t do the reading is yourself – remember, you won’t be able to bluff your way through an exam!

5. Save some money or make impulse purchases

Sometimes a little retail therapy can be a good thing, but purchasing another shirt or pair of shoes for going out might not be a best use of your money. Unless you’ve got cash to burn (lucky you if you do) you need to prioritise where your money goes. Rent and bills need to be paid to keep a roof over your head, and healthy food needs to be put first for a healthy diet. They might not seem like the most exciting purchases at the time, but what would you rather have – a night in or a landlord threatening to evict you!

6. Procrastinate

This happens to all of us. The more we need to concentrate or get something done – the easier it becomes to find other things to be doing. Whether that’s going out, playing computer games, or spending a whole day watching Netflix – there are a lot of things that are more interesting that studying. However, you need to keep your focus on the end goal here – your exams and essays aren’t going away, and you will be making life easier for you but keeping to a study plan and working hard. You will also make more free time for yourself in the future by starting your work earlier. Speak to our site if you need help getting going with your essay writing or exam planning.

Dilemmas All Students Face essay

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