Mona Lisa Compare Contrast

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In the 14th century, a new cultural movement known as the Renaissance began. Young Leonardo Dad Vinci constructed a portrait known as the Mona Lisa. This painting is arguably the most famous painting of time. Now in the 21st century, a fresh artist "Abstract," has developed a similar work of art associated to the Mona Lisa known as "Wonder's Finest. " With both pieces of work containing the same subject along with different time periods, there is no doubt that both of these paintings contain it's differences and similarities accordingly to their centuries.

The differences include the backgrounds, the different colors, and the way "Mona Lisa," is represented. The Mona Lisa has its many mysteries, but none other than it's background and landscape. The landscape of the Mona Alias's painting describes both the negative and positive viewpoints on society during the time of the Renaissance period. To the left of the artwork, represents a green healthy environment with a river signaling the peace and tranquility of the time period. To the right of the landscape, a dry wasted and appears with a bridge.

This represents a switch of spirit between good and evil. It foreshadows the period to when Medici took over Florence through tyranny and took over the Pope's spot in Italy. In comparison with "Wonder's Finest," it too shows a spiritual battle between evil and good. The angel is trying to lure "Mona Local," back from the wraths of the demon and beneath the window, appears a garden of peace and tranquility. In today's society, it's that same type of conflict. We live in a spiritual oral between God and the devil as both trying to win the souls of mankind.

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The morality of this abstract reveals how the devil has almost completely claimed the life of once-innocent Mona Lisa. The background suggests that those who have fallen to the devil are now trapped within the deserts of Egypt. The bottles of alcohol suggests that her life has been consumed by heavy drinking as well. In the original Mona Lisa painting, the female who is drawn is a light-hearted madam who smile and body position describe who she is, what she is living and why s she living it.

In the artwork "Mona Lisa," the light colors represent lightness in her life and heart. Although, the painting features both light and evil colors, the amount of light represented outshines the darkness. Her smile represents the goodness in her heart. Also, it represents the mood as she has successfully defeated the darkness of those ages. Her black dress with the golden sleeves represent a a well respected housewife. Both paintings suggest Mona Lisa and Mona Local were well fascinated by their breasts.

They both expose the cleavage of breasts presuming to the seduction of men. In contrast, "Mona Local," is a straight on where Just by how she was drawn with the naughtiest position and dark image. The black and gray colors symbolize the dead soul inside of her. Her posture sells her out completely. Her legs are wide open and her exposed breasts explaining the hustler business she runs. The light colors by the near side window can be explained as to her life in a different dimension. The life where she dreams of going, but yet sees it so far away due to her condition.

The clothing she wears are fishnets attached with dirty money, with a short skirt and a see-through bra. Her face melting away is a clear sign she is almost disappearing from this world. I have seen thousands of paintings, but none like these two. Both of the painting share it's extremes coincidences in differences and similarities that tie both paintings together to society. It is crazy to think that young inspired artists drew these not knowingly the effect they would have on society through it's interpretation.

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