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Mona Lisa – Ledonardo’s Masterful Technique

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The Mona Lisa is very interesting piece of art work. It influenced many themes and accessories that were made in the modern time. I think that the Mona Lisa is admired by many artist as well as regular modern people because of the specific detail that is added in the art piece as well as the effort put into finally making the Mona Lisa.

There are several different things that make the Mona Lisa famous although nobody has ever been has never certain on what actually makes her famous. The Mona Lisa is famous for her optical illusion of the mysterious smile. The focus shifts from her eyes to her lips to form the illusion.

The Mona Lisa is also for he realistic loo. It shows Leonardo’s artistic techniques as well as his attention to detail and his patience. It is a difficult portrait the is very human like. The fact that is has been stolen also makes the Mona Lisa a very famous portrait. Most say that the mystery of the Mona Lisa is what truly makes her famous.

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The way the eyes in he Mona Lisa seems to follow you where ever you go can be a little unsettling making you feel as if you are being watched. This illusion has a lot to do with how the painting was created. It has a lack of dimension. That is found in our lives today. The elements of shadow and light gives depth to the picture giving us that feeling of being watched. Also linear perspective gives a sense of depth allowing her eyes to be the center focus of the portrait.

The light demonstrates her focus. Leonardo Da Vinci used oil paints and a technique called 'sfumatgo' (which means vanished) because he wanted to make paintings that looked real. He made his under painting by adding white (tint) and black (tone) to pure colors. Then he diluted his oil paints, he layered transparent glazes, mixtures of pure color and black shade, which then enhanced the sense of depth.

Then by applying a purer light colors over the darker glazes, Da Vinci created a warmer luminosity in his paintings. He also researched optics and and human vision and experimented with camera obscura.The way Leonardo painted this portrait deviated from the traditional way women were painted like this in Italy.

Mona Lisa looks directly out at us, which was not normal for a woman in a portrait to do at this time. She also appears rather content and assured . Portraits of both men and women were typically cut off in the middle of torso and hands were raised so that we see the head and face and shoulders.

Here the portrait shows not only the woman’s head and upper torso, but much of her body down to just below her waist. We see all of her arms, which are not raised up but resting comfortably her chair. The implication of this kind of view is that we are seeing the entire person.

Yes I do feel the painting does deserve attention it is a very well painted portrait. It shows great artistic style and detail. It may not be modern or accepted like the Archangel Michael but it takes skill to be able to hold a mysterious way in a portrait.

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