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Mobile Phone and Samsung Electronics

Clarence Powell Liberty University MMGP Background Information BUSI520 – Group 3 November 4, 2012 Samsung Galaxy S3 Introduction In this paper we shall explore The Traditional 4P’s which are, product place, promotion and price; while also examining and understanding the new 4P’s on which we have today: -people, processes, programs, and performance – while determining which is more effective for future business and long term success for the company. We will analyze Samsung Electronics and provide information regarding the company’s background and its newest product: The Samsung Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S3 Description From caveman to modern man is a phrase in which we can use to describe our evolution of mobile technology.

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The initial purpose of mobile technology was to connect with people while being on the go or having the ability to connect without a line. However, today modern technology purposes are to connect and facilitate our lives. Before, phones were kind of used for card game, calculators, and time; before, even less than those features. Now days we have Internet, mobile banking, millions of games, task management, etc.

Before features were just a line of numbers going a cross, which was considered your screen. Now, we have full-blown screens that you can just touch and it is considered a button replacing the traditional methods for dialing. Today we have my version of first class smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3, based upon vast reviews named the Samsung Galaxy S3 is named one of the hottest phones on the Android market. Based on what people must have and desire this phone has played its part in making completion step there game up.

As, for its features The Samsung Galaxy S3 body is thin in shape and this is good especially since people want a phone they can put in there pocket and not worry about it taking up space, as for its look it is sleek and a more comfortable grip if you have had a Samsung phone before then you know that this is a plus. As for the display this phone has a 4. 8-inch screen, which is awesome if you are one who love this video chat on Skype or oovoo. Holding this phone in my hand you could actually see how the HD AMOLD screen actually enhanced clarity for the screen.

It has a front camera that is 1. 9 megapixels which is not the best however, it gets the job done while video chatting. As for the rear-facing camera it has an 8. 0-megapixel camera that is great. If you enjoy phone photography you are able to take 8 photo shots in one burst, which is also nice. (http://www. samsung. com/us/mobile/cell-phones/SGH-I747MBBATT-features). Most people like it’s Pop-up Play, Touch Wiz, and Smart Unlock feature; however the ability to charge wirelessly to me is the best feature ever. Reason why?

We all hate the hassles of charging a phone so the idea of eliminating wires makes charging a phone feel like heaven. What’s also great is the S Beam technology, which allows users to transfer content by the backs of two phones. Samsung Electronics is pushing to cross over Apple users to their product. Product & Firm History Unlike other electronic companies Samsung origins were not involving electronics but other products. In 1938 the Samsung’s founder Byung-Chull Lee set up a trade export company in Korea, selling fish, vegetables, and fruit to China.

Within a decade Samsung had flourmills and confectionary machines and became a co-operation in 1951. Humble beginnings. From 1958 onwards Samsung began to expand into other industries such as financial, media, chemicals and shipbuilding throughout the 1970’s. In 1969, Samsung Electronics was established producing what Samsung is most famous for, Televisions, Mobile Phones (throughout 90’s), Radio’s, Computer components and other electronics devices. The history of Samsung and mobile phones stretches back to over 10 years.

In 1993 Samsung developed the ‘lightest’ mobile phone of its era. The SCH-800 and it was available on CDMA networks. Then they developed smart phones and a phone combined mp3 player towards the end of the 20th century. To this date Samsung are dedicated to the 3G industries. Making video, camera phones at a speed to keep up with consumer demand. Samsung has made steady growth in the mobile industry and are currently second but competitor Nokia is ahead with more than 100% increase in shares. (http://www. samsung-mobiles. net/history-of-samsung. tml) The Traditional 4Ps The product of the traditional 4Ps is the Samsung Galaxy S3. The price of the smartphone is $199 on SPRINT when purchased with a two-year contract and $549 when purchased the phone straight up. Promotions include online discounts; commercial adds online, television, radio, or word of mouth. Places would include Internet and in stores for targeted locations. The New 4Ps The new 4Ps of marketing are people, processes, programs, and performance. The people include people who are interested in smart phones.

Processes are their and its strong deliver of research and the way they present their product for development. The programs would be apps, and games. The performance Samsung has made more than a billion in sales last year. Demographic and Economic Trends & the Samsung Galaxy S3 There has also been a rise in numbers on purchases of non contract phones considering that contract phones have been could go up or down in prices depending on the company. Samsung is presenting itself in any category it can because this promotes success for the company.

Being able to sell contracted phones is a way to keep revenue flowing with in the company by producing cheaper products and higher bills along with cancelation fees. Because of the rise in non-contracted phones and the decrease in economic revenue. Samsung has branched out producing product for consumers however, producing higher priced product and but lower bills for the consumer. Our current economy has caused many consumers money to decline when it comes to terms of having money to spend on things we want.

Therefore causing people to resort to places such as craigslist, eBay, and other resources to get a lesser price. A lot of people are resorting to buying smart phones such as the Galaxy S3 due to the fact that it has the ability to be a phone, computer, personal assistant, bank etc. Therefore, causing people to lose their sociability when having face-to-face interactions. (Meuter, Ostrom, Roundtree, & Bitner, 2000, p. 51). Technological Trends & the Samsung Galaxy S3

Technology has been on an upward increase to produce product that are smaller in size however, larger in scale when it comes to its capabilities for facilitating our lives. Samsung Galaxy S3, provides apps that allow you to swipe a credit card and put that money in your bank if you are a business man, turn on the lights and television in your house, even monitor security systems and providing wireless connectivity as a router if you prefer using you lap top on the go. Social and Cultural Factors We have all wanted the next new thing; what others call “keeping up with the Jones”.

Cultural and social factors that drive a person to purchase a certain type of phone would include: people, the individuality in a person, and the desire to have the newest phone that hit the market. Even more, Samsung values doing research for the development of its product and the medium that they are targeting so you can rest assure there are different medias in which we all were potentially driven from to buy their products. References (http://www. samsung-mobiles. net/history-of-samsung. html) (http://www. samsung. com/us/mobile/cell-phones/SGH-I747MBBATT-features) (Meuter, Ostrom, Roundtree, & Bitner, 2000, p. 51).