Mickey Mouse Monopoly

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Mickey Mouse Monopoly

            Children today are often influenced by the kind of shows media has to offer them. The works of certain groups have successfully inculcated in the minds of young children the values  necessary for their growth as good people. Some have even influenced children in doing things that were new to them. One of those media providers was the Walt Disney Corporation.

            The Walt Disney Corporation is one of the most successful corporations in the world. The documentary, “Mickey Mouse Monopoly”, gives its viewers an overview of how Disney, through its numerous media, were able to shape reality into mere fantasies. It was known worldwide that Disney is one of the leading media conglomerates in the whole world. Through their television stations, film  company, toys, and theme parks, Disney was able to influence and form a child's imagination and perception of how the world is. Somehow, the world that Disney forms for its patrons is deviating from the realities that life had to offer.

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            In the documentary, certain Disney films were presented. As mentioned, some of the films contained intentional or unintentional discriminations. Gender representations were also visible in the films. Although children may find these scenes entertaining, older people see something else. For this documentary, the opinions of different kinds of people were taken into consideration. Feminists, Asians, Blacks, and the opinions of conservative people become vital in showing the different perceptions Disney movies had on people. Even the opinions of the children were also taken into consideration.

            This paper will be concentrating on the opinions made by Feminists. This is to show the readers, and those who have viewed the documentary, a clear understanding of how women felt about the stereotypes set by Disney films. Although moral lessons were given for each film, the underlying perception that were formed among the minds of young children were very much evident, and must be corrected.

            From Fantasia to Tarzan, only little have been changed about the roles of women. In the olden times, women were regarded to have perfect bodies – the small waistlines, attractive faces, and the long smooth hair. Everything seemed to be created on perfection. For feminists, this gives the impression that women can use their bodies to manipulate the men in order to get what they want. In the movie, Aladdin, Jasmine used her body to seduce the evil Jafar. She was successful in her goal, and was able to  show that although she was a damsel in distress, she was able to do something that was to their advantage. In reality, this does not always happen. There are still certain things in life that are left unsaid and undone.

            Through the years, women were given little participation in society. They were always been regarded as weak. Although some films deviated from the said status quo, most of the films showed female protagonists being saved by the male protagonists. Take for example, the movie, The Little Mermaid. Although Ariel was shown disobeying her father in loving the human, Eric, she still pursued her will. In exchange for her serenading voice, the wicked Ursula gave her legs. This became Ariel's source of hope of following her will. Regardless of that will, Ariel still had to give a beautiful part of her in order to do so.

            Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, had a similar case. Due to the changing times, Belle's character was shown to be educated, free-spirited, and loving. She was shown as a doting daughter to her father. When Belle's father was captured by the Beast, Belle did everything she can to save him; she exchanged her own happiness and freedom with that of her father's. Although Belle was educated, much violence may be seen from the film. There were still certain things that Beast obliged Bell to do. Why is this? Society still dictated that women followed what the men wanted. In this case, Beast was regarded as a dominant male, but taking a different form. Regardless of the violence, the film was able to show that Beast had a good side waiting to be released. Through the hardships and the loving heart that Belle had for him, she was able to bring out the best characteristics Beast never thought he had.

            One of the most powerful women of the Disney films was Mulan. She was perceived to be very independent, ready to face the challenges that came about, and was open to the fact that women were to be regarded as those equal with men. The film continued to show Mulan to be as such, but in the end, the film came back to reality that society dictates women to be inferior to men.

            From the evidences shown, it was clearly evident that women were not treated with utmost respect as men were. Women were always perceived to be helpless and dependent to what the men had in store for them. I do believe that this is something that should be changed from now on. Children should be taught the reality that women are not toys, nor are they properties of men. Women should be treated with much respect, and should be regarded as equal to the men.

            The different representations that these films had about women should be changed in the course of time. People should also be opened to the reality that we live in a world where damsels in distress rarely exist. The world today is not similar to that of the world that people grew up in the earlier times. The women of Canada, and of the whole world, should learn that  discrimination does not contribute to the betterment of society.

            The issues raised in the film have opened my eyes more to the realities life has to offer.  The documentary has taught me that women should not be regarded as mere properties of men-they should be treated with much love and care, and should be offered the kind of respect given to men. This step would be beneficial to all, in the sense that all people would be of equal footing – no superiors, no inferiors, that would be of great help towards a better future.


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