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Marketing of 15 Inch Multimedia TV System

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The 15 inch multimedia LCD TV system is a high resolution system just like the 17 inch one. The 15 inch multimedia LCD TV is capable of displaying the different features that are possessed by the 17 inch one. The main reasons why the 15 inch TV system has lagged behind in terms of sales could be attributed to its smaller size of the display screen, slightly lesser or fewer features, among other few shortcomings.

Despite all these shortcomings, this TV system has the advantage of being cheaper hence it can be afforded by many people. It also has the advantage of having similar feature as those possessed by the 17 inch TV system.

By looking at a spectrum of several options in an attempt to raise the sales volumes of the 15 inch TV system, one of them seems to bee more practical and achievable in the prevailing circumstances. This is serous advertising and sales promotion of this product (Don E Schultz, 1997). All seems not lost yet because the product is operating slightly above the break-even-point and therefore if a serious adverting and sales promotion is done the trend can change.

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Advertising is the creation of awareness of a product and appealing to the public to purchase the product. On the other hand sales promotion stands for other marketing activities other than personal selling, advertising and publicity and is intended to stimulate demand for the product i.e. consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness. Both advertising and sales promotion are part of what is referred to as the marketing communication mix or promotion mix (

Trends in the Pub Industry

There are several approaches that should be applied in advertising. Advertising is intended to influence long term buying behavior. One way of achieving this goal is through placing adverts continually in the press media i.e. daily newspapers and magazines. Through this it is expected that the adverts will reach out to a large population in the country or the market area.

The other means / way in which advertising should be done is through placing adverts in the electronic media such as radio and televisions. This is also has advantage of reaching out to a large audience. This kind of advertising should portray all the positive aspects of using the 15 inch TV system. The visual aspect is likely to create more demand in the short term and also in the long term.

Other than adverts in the print and electronic media, advertising should also be done through public launches in different parts of the country or expected market coverage area. During such launches demonstrations on the operation of the TV system should be done. Advantages of using this product should be highlighted during such launches.

Sales promotions should also be done. This could involve issuing coupons, free samples, refunds and rebates, premiums or gifts, contests and sweepstakes, point-of -sale displays, shows and exhibitions, among other ways.( Julian Cummins, 1997 ). When these are done properly immediate surge in sales volumes is likely to be observed. This is true because customers like “something extra” like a gift when they purchase a product, provided that it is of good quality. The product in question i.e. the 15 inch TV system has good quality and hence sales promotion can assist in boosting sales hence profits.


It is important to know that both advertising and sales promotion can be applied together as part of the promotional mix for the 15 inch TV system. The campaign for raising sales volume for this product can effectively use these two tools to achieve its targets. Personal selling should come in to support advertising by increasing the sales.


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