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Market Research Summary: A Baby Center Hyannis

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It demonstrates that BBC is important and necessary for the community. Also, Cap Cod economy is more seasonal than Massachusetts and United state (Shown from the hart below), Which means, low income families with babies in Presentable might be lose or change Jobs seasonably, facing income losing problems. Cryptographic Religious Congregation (in the picture above) From the map, Hyannis is dense of religious congregation. People nearby BBC, who are affected by the environment, are kind-hearted and loving to help others.

The establishment of A Baby Center took the advantage of the religious factors. Since BBC is the only nonprofit baby center in Cape Cod, I selected the nonprofit baby organization from outside. Below in the table is the Abs's Competitors. Competitors Analysis Competitors Well Baby Center Baby's Bounty We Care Community Baby Center Type non-profit parenting center and community clinic 501 non-profit organization Target Audience Families with children prenatal to 5 years of age Babies in low-income families.

Recipients include babies born to victims of domestic abuse, teen mothers and those living in poverty Families qualify by either having a WICK voucher or a Maine Care insurance card Services Provides Mindful Provides essential Parenting and Reflect- clothing and gear to vive Parenting groups, babies family enrichment, assessments, and parenting consultation services Benefits human service. Each Month provide: baby Diapers, wipes, baby wash or shampoo. Cloth donation Founded time &Location 2009 CA No details 2008 Lass Vegas, NV Those baby centers listed are all charity organizations.

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Market Research Summary: A Baby Center Hyannis

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A Baby Center could learn from all of them. Baby's Bounty is the most similar to BBC in regard to the company type. It is helping the 5 Marketing Research Paper of A Baby Center Cheryl Way Lie low-income families and babies with trouble by providing the necessities to them. Baby's Bounty is a nonprofit organization with the main objective donate. It has two affiliates. This organization is good at use media tools to market its company. Actually, Baby's bounty is very successful in operation.

In its website, it listed all the sponsors' logos, which are clear to the customers who browsing the website page. This logo image idea also attracts more sponsors. While in Abs's website, there is a contributor list with names(Actually, BBC depends mostly on individuals' donation). If BBC intends to catch sponsors' eyes, such as the current sponsor-- Card's Furniture, he clarified logo images of sponsors can be linked down of the BBC homepage. Well Baby Center serves kids over 5 years old, while BBC does not. The missions of the two organizations are different.

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