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Managerial Behavior

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The merger between our company InterClean Inc and Enviro Tech is in the last stages of finalization. As you are quite aware this would enable us to rapidly expand our horizons both in the domestic market as well as the international market. This also means that each one of us in managerial levels ensures that the merger proves successful and that we shall be able to embark upon a well defined overall strategic objective.

Undoubtedly, your role as the first level sales manager is of great importance as you are entrusted with the responsibility in managing one of the most dynamic workforces at InterClean. These dynamic sales executives under you would look upon you as their new guru and would invariably look at your levels of behavior as a source of inspiration and worthy of emulating. With our combined efforts along with the feedback that I receive from you we shall make a few structural changes in employee job responsibilities and prepare them for training and offer them enough scope for personal advancement.

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Managerial Behavior

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It is quite apparent that this merger would prove beneficial to all of us in the long run yet there would also emerge a few serious concerns that we all should address and do our best in mitigating before it assumes dangerous proposition. One factor is your behavior itself which should be soothing and diplomatic as possible without arousing any misgivings or suspicions among the employees. This is mainly due to the fact that the merger in all possibility would raise the fear among every employees about job loss, changes in position and the threat to their own level of achievements.

Thus, those employees working under you would be watching you carefully and marking your every movement. Hence, on your part you must exercise restraint for such sensitivity is always associated with mergers and drastic changes in work environment. This is more so when the merger would bring in integration of different departments of both companies and there would be changes in job positioning as well as a new flux of personnel with different culture and disciplines.

The individual has no awareness of the business pressures nor have the intuition to perceive change and hence are disconnected from the strategic pressures that managers and leaders experience (Hanlan, 2004). In order to imbue the proactive spirit among the employees you as first level managers must ensure that all employees working under you have the necessary resources to carry on with a task and that each is aware of the performance levels expected of them. You must communicate openly with your subordinates such that they feel comfortable with their jobs.

Again, you must get feedback about their difficulties with a new task, the level of training required, safety and work scheduling. In fact, you must instigate them to believe that every employee has the inherent potential of being a leader through learning and training programs. In order to achieve this employees must be made aware of their immediate tasks and targets and remain well focused on it. The managers on their part should provide the necessary guidance and extra incentives for good performance. Types of Management Action that Align with employment Laws

You might already be aware of the fact that with merger the whole integration process puts a lot of pressures on the managers with respect to their particular department. This is especially so in the present scenario where the consumers are no more interested in products, but a complete solution. This entails the sales force to be even more knowledgeable about the products and have a good idea about the emerging sanitation issues, environmental issues, regulation of cleaning and clearing systems and above all the OSHA standards that are mandatory for such industries.

These legal laws and regulations could be imparted to the employees by a carefully administered learning process and systematic training. After the merger the trained and experienced staff of both the companies in this type of laws can be brought together to chart out the training program and keep in touch with the latest development in the employment laws pertaining to sanitation and cleanliness. Further, the management action with respect to client training in the new packaged cleaning solution can be done with the help of the staff already employed at InterClean.

However, during recent times especially with the rapid changes in global economy and hyper competition, the company can make changes by reducing the workforce levels and job transfers. Besides, it has the right to recruit workforce from a different company or abroad. The removal of unwanted staff and recruiting new ones ought to be carried out with minimum fuss. So also talent retention must be carried out with equal zeal keeping in view the long term interest of the company.

Talent retention can be said to be associated with effective leaders and managers who rely upon open communication, information sharing and employee involvement (Kantoghiorghes and Frangou, 2009). Best Practices for working within a Diverse Environment A diverse environment is slowly emerging as a must for many companies that give the employees an opportunity to mingle with people belonging to different cultures, customs and traditions.

Besides, the diverse environment is the breeding ground for creative thinking and positive working spirit. However, initially this may look quite difficult, but over time with you can take the initiative in making the work place a real good experience and fun for all employees alike. For this you must provide training to the sales staff for easy communication with other ethnic or minority group after the merger is over. Training affects all employees in an organization from entry to exit (Hedge and Pulakos, 2002).

You should ensure that under no circumstance racist or anti-ethnic comments should be made and a code of conduct for communication can be made so that the work place is a transformed world where each and every employee enjoys working. This would allow for new challenges in work and improve upon the performance level of the staff. Further, you must prove that your decisions are based on merits and cuts across all sorts of prejudices or biasness. This means that the employees belonging to different cultures and religions can readily approach you and convey their grievances.

The relationship between EI (emotional intelligence) of managers and the OC (organizational climate) is the prerequisite of a great working environment (Momeni, 2009). Above all you as first level managers has the responsibility to boost the morale of the staff by keeping a gentle smile in spite of the anxiety deep inside your hearts. Reference List Hanlan Marc (2004). High Performance Teams: How to make them work. Individual Transition. 16, 97. Westport, CT. Praeger. Hedge W. Jerry and Pulakos D. Elaine (2002).

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