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I Am A Leader Because Essay

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In he competing values management practice survey, I got the highest score (6. 2) in mentor role in Quadrant 2 which shows that I am a team builder person which is connect to The building team In Quadrant 2 of The competing values skill assessment which I got 5. 2 -In the competing values skill assessment; the overall scores are still higher than other quadrants. The highest 2 aspect that I think It is pretty true are Communicate effectively (5. 8) and Managing conflict (5. 6). The affirmation of these 4 aspects Is that I have always been a leader since I was young.

I am a person who Is ever had a serious mad with anyone. Taking care of people and giving them some sympathy, I have always been this way. Whenever somebody has a problem, I am always being beside them and giving them some advice. After I asked my mother about It she said that these aspects are true. Since I was born, she always complains me about my sensitive and sympathetic because sometimes It Is too much. I always forgive people which sometimes are not appropriate to do. She said that I also be calm whenever everyone is panic. Sometimes I could be a good advisor for her too.

It is all because of my communicate skill. I'm pretty much a person who uses feeling to do things. I do care people's feeling. This Is one of a good aspect of being a good manager. In a role of manager, the leader who has this aspect will focus on organization's collaboration, empathic to both employees and customers, avoiding the differentiation of people's condition, taking care of the employee's living and these will lead to teamwork in an organization. There Is a friendly atmosphere because there is a good communication between people.

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But however, there are some drawbacks from anchoring in this Quadrant too for example, the projects are o slow to produce outcome because we are lack of a competitive trend. An organization that adapts this culture and success is ASS institute. They climb to the top company best global company to work for. ASS has created an environment that fosters and encourages the integration of the company's business objectives with employees' personal needs. Because what is "spoken" are not empty so, the employees trust their leaders.

The employees know that they are critical to the success of ASS and they give their Ideas, creativity, and thoughtful to their work, peers and an organization. ASS has tremendously low employee turnover which scribe "how long employees tend to star In quadrant 4: The competing Quadrant, which my scores are not very different from Quadrant 2, even though, these two is contrast. In the competing value skill assessment; my highest score Is 6. 0 In Working Productively followed by fostering a productive work environment 5. 7 and the rest Is around 5. 0.

In the competing values management practice survey; I got 5. 0 in 1 OFF working which is not me at all. I am really not a competitive person. This is why I chose to major in Accounting because I don't have to compete with anyone when I work. There are plenty of this Job positions in a company. The aspect that is true for me is working productively. When I work I will value on the goal and how to achieve it. I have a clear vision and keep working on it till it is done. When it combined with the aspects in Quadrant 2; I can interpret my work style that I work productively and achieve goal in a teamwork way.

I do it like what ASS has done to their employees. Everybody's voice is count. Working individually and competitively is totally not my style. For me, everyone is going together. No one is left behind. Talking about Quadrants ; creating quadrant, In the competing values management practice survey; I got 6 in Innovator role which interpret about my intuitiveness, risk taking or my freedom of thinking. I got 5 in broker role which interpret about my ability to manage the resources and ability to respond. These aspects are pretty true about me. My friends also agree with these.

When it is time for making a decision, I can do it unhesitatingly. I always do things with my instinct. I don't regret with my mistake because I think that mistake was the best I could do. In the competing values skill assessment; I have fairly scores and one aspect which I got fewer than 5 in Managing change. I don't agree with it. I think I can manage changes well but it might take a little bit time to do. An organization that adapts this working culture has an employee empowerment. The employees have freedom to make decision and always ready to respond with the situation.

However, Venturesome, risk taking and decision making are the important key to be a successful entrepreneur. The last Quadrant which I got low scores in both survey is Quadrant 4; Control quadrant. Monitor role represent controlling and the law. Coordinator role represents restorability and stability. Also, the scores that I got in the competing values skills assessment, all scores are around which is pretty low compare to other aspects in other quadrant which mean that I have low skills in Controlling and I agree.

This quadrant is a contrast of quadrant 2 so it's reasonable for the scores that I got. In the role of a manager, a manager who got of this skill has process-oriented focus and stable organization structure, ability to recognize incremental opportunities, ability to minimize risk. But, there are some blind spot about this culture for example lack of social skills and ignorance of the new ideas. There are few organizations nowadays that adopt this working culture cause they need more flexibility in an organization.

This is a hierarchy culture Which Is pretty opposite to my habit. So this is my weakness which I don't think it is actually. I like my create style more than this control style. If I want to improve this skill, I have to practice working in a process and make things systematically. The Competing Values Framework helps us too see our task via 4 main competing values within every enterprise. It is a sense-making device, a source of new ideas, and a learning system that is very useful for an organization to clarify their strength and weakness and find a way to improve themselves.

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