Because I could not stop for death

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“Because I could not stop for death” Emily Dickinson reveals about accepting death as a next chapter of her life. In Verse 1 and 2 she describes herself as a bride and death as her spouse. Welcome death as her partner in the eternal life. She embraces it with open arms that death is no more frightening into her. It also indicated in the 1st verse about her burial march. Dickinson created the poem showing three stages in her life time. In her 3rd verse, the school represents her childhood.

The fields of gazing grain represent her maturity towards life. And the Setting Sun represent her old age preparing for her death. Another explanation to this verse is describing her burial march passing to “the school”, “the fields” and her last sentence “Setting Sun” can be the time of her burial. In her 4th verse, she talks about her burial dress. The definition of her garments are more appropriate for a wedding that a funeral dress. Her dress is formal that the author knows her death. She prepared her dress like she is marrying death.

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It’s like a beginning but an end of life. In her Final moment she talk in her 5th verse of a house the represents her grave were her body lay in the solid ground. The author feels comfortable to pass away that in her heart, it’s a peaceful death. The author also talks about a “house” that represents her grave that she describes a grave as a home for eternity. The last verse, Dickinson talks about the “Centuries” which means that even century bypass she is happy in her death no worries and no more loneliness to feel.

This describe that her dead body will be in earth for eternity. Emily Dickinson’s poem at first you will ask is this person is death? How did she write her own death? It is an amazing poem that she predicted her death. She embraces death with no fear and tears. She defines her death as another stage of cycle of life. In another point of view she was confident about her fate. She also defines death as her partner to the next stage of her life.

In our days, this poem gives us a lesson that we have to appreciate death what ever happen because death will not wait for us. Most of us don’t expect our death or thinking our own death but this amazing poem gives an idea to accept what ever faith we may have. We don’t need to be scared but gives opportunity to be grateful for life and death. We maybe living for today but death will be the next chapter of our life. So take time to think for yourself and appreciate everything in your life so like Emily Dickinson we can accept our death.

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