Why Are We Losing All Our Good People?

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This is all about a very common trend prevailing in most of the companies, Attrition of employees. Very often employees leave a company when they find a better job or some other career option. This is the case of a company named Sambian Partners, where Mary, the head of HR and Helen, the CEO face a lot of problem when Tom, one of their trusted employees quits their company and joins J&N which is supposed to be their competitor.

Then the administration tries to figure out what exactly went wrong with him and go for surveys which would enable them to understand employees better. The other employees on hearing this sudden departure of Tom give their own views as to what lead Tom to take such a big decision. A month later Helene comes to know that another employee named Adrienne is planning to quit the job and join J&N. Unable to think of what is right or wrong she immediately promotes her to a higher post and succeeds in retaining her.

In the end we find another survey report being discussed by Mary and Helen where they find that although the employees are overall satisfied there are still some grievances that need to be addressed. Here is a detailed report about the persons involved in the case study. Helen Gasbarian She is the daughter of Peter, the founder of the company and is currently the CEO of the company. Being a very responsible person she wonders what is causing the employees to quit.

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She feels that they take care of the employees and treat them well. Although she couldn’t do anything to retain Tom, when Adrienne decided to quit she took a very bold decision by giving her a promotion and finally saved one of the company’s valuable employees. Being the CEO of the company she took a vital decision without any making any delay. One negative aspect of her character is that at times she likes to blame others for the failures of the company without considering the exact case.

Mary Donillo. Being the head of the human resources, she shows great devotion towards the company when she interviews and tries to convince Tom to stay back in the company. At the same time she maintains a very good relationship with her CEO as well as the employees of the company. The survey she took to understand the employees better shows her ability to tackle the difficult situation.  Tom Forsythe After serving for Sambian Partners for nearly eight years with a very good reputation in the company, his decision to quit the job and join J&N seems pretty normal.

Although he didn’t reveal the exact cause of leaving the company in a lucid manner, we can infer that his primary motive was to get a higher post and a better salary which he felt was not possible in the near future in this company. We can’t call him a loyal employee and he is likely to change companies frequently in the near future.  Adrienne Perle In the beginning when she justifies the decision of Tom to quit the job we can notice that she is also somewhat dissatisfied with the management and administration of the company.

Later when her plans of following Tom come to limelight she admits the truth when confronted by Helen. We can conclude that she has a bit of loyalty towards the company which made her stay back when offered with a promotion.  Bob Wortham He is the vice president of engineering and also the one who first told Helen about Adrienne’s plans of quitting the job. He is really worried about the huge project of which Adrienne is a part of. He is desperate to retain her and sought the help of Helen and Mary.

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