Two Ways of Losing Weight

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Eating healthy and nutritious benefits your body when losing weight. While developing an eating disorder causes more harm than good. I am writing about this subject because I have an insight into the subject. I was struggling my whole childhood and I experienced being overweight and I have tried everything in the book to lose weight. In the process I even had an eating disorder for a while and I started to get really un-healthy because of it. So I finally got a grasp on what to do to eat healthy and how to maintain my weight the right way. By doing it the correct way I have kept the weight off, and I feel much healthier inside as well as out.

By eating healthy and nutritious you can lose weight, and do it correctly. A balanced diet involves the intake of appropriate foods and drinks that supply nutrition and energy for the maintenance of body cells, tissues, and organs, also to support normal growth and development. Based on the USDA’s food pyramid it will include bread, cereal, rice, and pasta ( six -11 servings a day), vegetables (Three-five), fruit (two-four), dairy (two-three), meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts (two-three), and fats, oils and sweets (you use sparingly).

Portion control is a very important part you need to pay attention to. The best way to judge the right size of a portion that is correct for your body. Is not by the instructions on the side of all food products, but what I have found to be true is to judge a portion by the size of your fist. On top of that what I have found to work is not to eat three meals a day but to have five of these portions throughout the day. By doing this you will make your metabolism work even harder all day toward the loss of weight.

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The second main step to losing weight the correct way is to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. The best way to get the ball rolling on this is to stay active with common chores. For instance you can wash and wax a car if you have one for (45-60 min), wash windows or floors for (45-60 min), Do some gardening for (35-40 min), If you have a baby you can push the stroller (one and a half miles in 30 min), or you can rake the leaves if there are any for (30 min). These are a few examples for beginners to get started without wearing out your body.

If you want to get a little more serious right away you can use sports for your daily activity. For instance you can play basketball or shoot hoops for (30-45 min), swimming in the pool or doing laps for (30-45 min), ride a bicycle (four miles in 25-30 min), and then there is jumping a rope for (25 min). These routines are a little more strenuous so I would start off small to see what your body can handle, then build up a routine once you see what you are capable of. Now I will compare how developing an eating disorder to lose weight will affect your body. Also show how the side effects are not worth it.

By developing an anorexic disorder to lose weight is not the right path to take. Being anorexic means that you don’t eat food, or have no desire to eat. It is a relentless pursuit of thinness and unwillingness to maintain a normal healthy weight. The bad affects that this has on the body is not worth the amount of weight that is lost. Some of the less severe effects on the body are thinning of your bones (Osteoporosis), brittle hair and nails, dry and yellowish skin, growth of fine hair all over the body (Lanugo), mild anemia and muscle wasting and weakness, and severe constipation.

Now there are even more severe effects on the body, they are as follows, damage to the structure and function of the heart, brain damage, and multi organ failure. To lose weight this way is definitely not worth all of these damaging side effects, especially with the severity of some of them. By utilizing this weight loss method to lose weight, you lower your total health and lose vital nutrients the body needs to be healthy. When trying to lose weight correctly, there are many ways to do it wrong.

The eating disorder Bulimia Nervosa is probably the worst option when you are trying to lose weight in a healthy manner. Bulimia affects approximately twelve individuals in a hundred thousand populations, and some reports estimate that one percent of females are affected and point one percent of males. Many people try to lose weight this way, and the side effects can range from minimal to severe. One third of people with bulimia take laxatives and diuretics, these have the most severe effects on your body.

They are chronic intestinal inflammation, irregular bowel function, systemic toxicity, kidney damage, body fluid stagnation, and blood pressure complications. So for trying to lose weight in this manner is un-healthy, un-nutritious, and not the correct or successful way to lose weight in a healthy manner. It is far worse for your body and mind than taking the time to do it in a healthy and correct manner, so that the results are far more beneficial to you for a longer period of time.

So in conclusion the point that I am trying to really get across to you is how to lose weight in a healthy and correct manner instead of doing it quickly and incorrectly. The correct way of losing weight is by combining eating correctly, portion control, and incorporating physical activity into your daily routine. You can use the USDA’s food pyramid to see what you should eat on a daily routine. Then you use portion control which is eating the right amount of food in a day just like taking in the right nutrients, vitamins, and all the right supplements.

By incorporating these things into your daily routine with devotion and a solid routine, you can lose weight while being extremely healthy. Instead of taking the un-healthy route of losing weight which is by doing it quickly and incorrectly. When losing weight using either Bulimia or Anorexia, the bad side effects out way the benefits by far. What I mean is the results of weight loss doesn’t last and really doesn’t make you any healthier, it comes back as soon as you stop. Also the damage it does on your body long term is way too far of a risk in my book, and is not worth all the bad effects it has on the body.

Really you are making yourself even worse when using an eating disorder to lose weight. So take the time to do it correctly you will be pleased with the results, and you will feel healthy on the inside just as much as the outside. References Http://www. bulimiasideeffects. com/ Http [Do not leave spaces around a slash mark] ://www. powerflexweb. com/contentListDetail. php? idDivision=04&nameDivision Http://search. proquest. com. ezproxy. apollolibrary. com/docview/225013542 Http://search. proquest. comezproxy. apollolibrary. com/docview/196547053

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