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Lord of the Flies Jacks Letter

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Dear headmaster, My choir and I left Britain, to get away from the nuclear war. Unfortunately, our plane crashed on some deserted island. The only survivors we're me, my choir, and also these other boys named Ralph and Piggy. Our time here has been a disaster, due to Ralph's leadership skills. Knowing me, I am a perfect leader. I have the. strongest and bravest qualities. I know how to lead and take initiative, like i have done with our choir. Although the leadership role was given to Ralph. Instead I am the leader of our choir, in which we are in charge of hunting. I am best hunting anyways because i am the strongest one here.

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On the first night, the group supposedly saw a beast. I personally don't believe that their was a beast. The group are just a bunch of wimps, especially piggy. For someone who is so fat and large, he get scared very easily. Then we had made a fire on the peak of a mountain for a signal. We were all designated to keep that fire from expanding. Although I had that duty, my main priority was to hunting. Anyways I wasn't the only one who should be watching the fire. Therefore I went out along with the choir to go hunt for a wild pig. Supposedly, I was neglecting the fire, when Ralph knew my main priority was to hunting. he fire got out of hand and I was repremanded by our hipocritical leader. I really don't like our leader, therefore I made my own group. My group and I are dedicated to finding and capturing a boar. We are like an army trying to capture a country. It would be helpful if you can send us a sword just like the picture on the back side. First of all, it will be very useful in cutting materials and hunting. Also since im the leader of our new group, It shows that I am the most equip and that I am the strongest. Thank you for the your attention on my request. Sincerely, jack

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