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Longcloud Lamb Company

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This is an analysis of a case study on Longcloud Lamb Company. The analysis is based on segmentation from both a macro and micro level. The analysis is important as it enables one to understand the market and operations of the company. This case study gives details on the global market of the company and proposed improvements. Discussion Macro-segmentation Longcloud Lamb Company can be classified in accordance with macro segmentation with regard to its global market. France, Germany and Britain are the main European markets of the company’s organic lamb and goat products. The USA is the subsequent market following the European Union.

Smaller markets on a global context for the company’s products are North Africa, India, the Middle East and fragmented Latin America. The company has managed to have a measurable market as indicated by the fact that its market can be easily identified and accounted for. Despite the fact that Longcloud Lamb is still a young company, it has managed to establish links with the world outside New Zealand. The company has managed to establish five export partners in Japan and the USA. In addition, it has local 32 customers who buy the company’s products on a regular basis in both countries.

E-commerce has enhanced accessibility to these international markets. Clients can place orders and make orders through the internet. Within seven years of operation, the company is satisfied with its exponential progress with regard to demand growth. The company’s phenomenal growth shows that the company benefits from substantial profit since growth is always associated with gains. However, the company is still bent on improving its global market. In addition, there are plans for recouping costs that have been incurred during acquisition of new lands. There are plans to increase stock as well.

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The company is still aimed at upgrading its processing plant to meet up with USDA and EU certification and Halal capability (Case study of Longcloud Lamb Company). Micro-Segmentation According to micro-segmentation, Longcloud Lamb Company is specially based in New Zealand where it specializes in the sale of frozen and chilled goat and lamb products. Due to improved technology, the company is now able to sell its products to customers on an individual level across the globe. Sarah, the marketing director of the company was focused on capturing a wider market.

With the use of an e-commerce that was not language biased, Sarah proposed that the company would capture the niche market. The niche market includes organic restaurants, religious organizations, schools and non-profit organizations. Language has always been used as the main screening criteria. French and Arabic are the languages that are to be used for the e-commerce of the company in addition to English. It was argued that customers were more comfortable while carrying out transactions while using their own language instead of the more official English language.

As argued by Sarah, the use of these extra languages in addition to English will also contribute to the growth of the company in terms of lambskin and wool products. This is the company’s medium goal (Case study of Longcloud Lamb Company). Conclusion Longcloud Lamb Company is still a young company and despite this fact, it has realized exponential growth. This is attributed to the fact that it has a wide market base from across the world. This case study is a clear demonstration of the importance of a measurable, stable and wide market for a company’s products.  Reference Case study of Longcloud Lamb Company.

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