My Ending to Lamb to the Slaughter

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Lamb to the Slaughter’s Ending It’s the same nightmare that haunts me every day. I wrapped bed sheet around my fragile frame covering my body, which is drenched with cold drops of sweat. I crawled to the darkest corner in my bedroom trembling of fear as I sank in the darkness. The voices never leave my side; they echo in my head like a drum whether I am awake or asleep. The moon light was tickling my eyes. I felt like an empty shell as I sat there on the freezing-cold ground while my high body temperature was emerging with the coldness of the ground.

I leaned my bare back against the cold wall. I closed my eyes, lifted my chin up, and covered my ears very tightly. “ You must find the truth “ the voice said. It’s the same voice in my nightmare. Even though I don’t remember it when I wake up, but I have this feeling bottled inside of me that I have been having the same nightmare over and over every day, and that this voice haunting me is the same voice in my nightmare. I heard the creaking sound of the door opening as I saw my mother, the only person I have left, appearing like a shinning angel reaching out her hand for me in the darkness.

She took her steps towards me as her soft brunette hair brushed my face, and her wide crystal emerald green eyes were glued to me. “Another nightmare? ” she looked worried. “ I just feel that there is something I am missing in this world,” I continued, “ That there is something I must discover to put these nightmares and voices to sleep”. “ You have a big day tomorrow , so go back to sleep,” she threw me one of her fake smiles. My name is Jessica Patrick. I got my ghostly-while skin from my father. I mean I totally look like Casper and his ghost buddies!

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I have a shiny golden hair that falls, beneath my shoulders into a tassel of soft curls. My eyes are lovely midnight blue and around my pupil, I have a silver lining around both of them on my eyes. I am twenty-five years old. My father was murdered before I was even born, but they never find out the murderer; as a result, the case was closed. I only saw my father’s face through pictures, but Mom never really talked about him. I only heard about him from our neighbors. They said that my father was a fine man. He loved my mother a lot, and he was really looking forward to y birth, looking forward to see the face of his very first child. I also heard that he was a police officer, and that he was very serious and passionate toward his work. The wrinkles that filled his face in a young age indeed was just a proof of that. He never skipped work, but he also made sure that his wife doesn’t have to look at the clock for too long. Everyone used to love him because of his consoling, yet serious personality. He just used to be the centre of the attention in his work, but they said he changed before he was killed. He was acting really strange as if something was bothering him.

Everyone is saying that I look, act, and even think just like him. Today, is an important today in my life because today I will finally graduate from college and can work as a detective. I want to find the one who killed my father. I know that twenty-five years have passed since then, and the possibility of actually finding the murderer is almost impossible. I am sure I can do it though. I barely stood up as I was trying to steady my balance. I stand on my trembling legs wondering how is it that I can keep standing up with my legs shaking like this.

I follow the same footsteps I walk on everyday to go to the bathroom. As I was washing my face, I felt hot air on my back. I turned around to see blood covering every inch of the room. I could barely see any color other than red. “ The nightmare has begun. Your life shall be mine. PE PRAPERED! YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE COME HERE TODAY. Your time is running out,” was written by blood. I had no idea what did that mean. It wasn’t good news for sure. I started stepping backward as slowly and as soundlessly as possible until my back touched the sink. I turned around to look at the mirror. There was something wrong!

I was there in the reflection, but in a totally different place. I couldn’t help but to touch the mirror. I don’t know what exactly happened but I opened my eyes to find myself in a totally different place. This is my childhood. I was looking at myself being bullied by the other kids at my school. I was always called ‘freak’. It’s not that I am a freak. It’s just that unlike other children. I didn’t want a doll. I wanted to buy a DVD of Detective Conan. I always wanted to be a detective. I was always jealous of the other kids in my school when their fathers used to pick them up.

They just looked so happy. Why is it that they can be happy, and I can’t? Why did my father have to die? I wanted to take their happiness away. I wanted to be wrapped by my father’s hands. I wanted to be hugged by his warmth and never have to feel this coldness. I always thought that maybe if I found the murderer maybe then I can be happy. “ Guilt is something we humans always feel. It is guilt that keeps us awake in the night. We always think that if we only could go back in time we would have done that and this. Don’t you agree with me Jessica Patrick? I heard as everything disappeared leaving nothing but me. “ Who are you? How do you know my name? ” I demanded. “ You should find the answers yourself. How about we play a game of fate and destiny? ” He questioned. “ A game? ” I raised an eyebrow. “ Jessica Patrick. You’re twenty- five years old. You want to be a detective, and find the murderer that killed your father. When you used to be a child, you used to be envious of everyone because they all had fathers, and you didn’t. Is that correct? ” He sounded as if he was smirking. “ Wait! How do you know all that? I panicked. “ in front of you there are two door. The one on your right shall take you back to the real world. You would wake up normally and won’t remember a thing; however, you won’t have any another chance. The door on your left might change your life. If you choose the left door, you can discover the one who killed your father and even stop the death of your father; however, be warned changing the future is extremely dangerous. Which door will you choose? ” He asked for my decision. So basically if I chose the door on my left, I will go back to my life.

I can to my life, but there is big chance that I won’t find the murderer. Though I won’t remember this, but still I don’t want to have an opportunity like this and let it fly away. The door on the left side can change my whole life. I don’t know If it can kill me, but I guess the only way to find out for sure is to give a try. “ I choose the left door,” I said with a slight hesitation hidden in my voice. “ Very well, I shall give you an advice. The future can change by the simplest changes. The one you are looking for is someone you know.

Beware of your enemy. No one is to be trusted but yourself. Before you start, you must know a few things,” he pointed out. “ What kind of things? ” I asked. “ You only have two chances. If you father gets killed again, your soul will be mine; in other words, you will be nothing but an empty doll in the real world, and a clock will appear on your left shoulder the moment you walk into that door,” he cleared out. “ I get it,” I said trying to look unshaken by his words. I finally saw everything. It left me awed-struck at the beauty of it.

The fountains are covered in diamonds from head to toe. The water inside shimmered brightly. I saw an endless amount of doors wondering what existed behind them. Exotic lamps made of pure gold. Statues were everywhere. The door on my left was huge and silver with black swirls all over it as twine does. The door opened as I took my steps cautiously towards it. I opened my eyes to find myself in a house that kind of looked similar to me. I had a feeling inside of me that I’ve been to this house. I suddenly saw my father sitting in the living room along with my mother.

He looked bothered by something He sounded as if he was breaking up with my mother. I looked at the clock. I just understood. I only have one hour to solve this and change the future. I have to find the truth no matter what. I followed them to find mom swinging a big frozen leg of lamb high in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on dad’s head. I can never believe that my mother was the one who killed my father. I went back the moment my father entered the house, but the time I have left is only thirty minutes now. I have to do the right thing, but what is it?

I quickly ran down and closed the door so that my mother won’t be able to open it that way she can never take the leg of the lamb, and my dad will leave her. The clock was shinning. I know that by doing this I’ve made a choice, which means I have to go back to my time and find if I made the right decision. “ I see you’ve stopped your mother. Very simple way, yet very effective. You listened and understood my advice carefully as I said the future can be changed by simple changes. You do realize that you trying to have another chance to save your father costs you something right? ” He asked me straightforwardly. Yes,” I closed my eyes. “ You shall forget everything. When you wake up, you will be blind and you won’t remember ever coming to this place,” he said. It appeared that my father was having a dangerous case that’s why he had to leave my mother. He didn’t know when can he go back to her; as a result, he didn’t explain it to her. After a year, he came back to her side. I believe that she was happy that she couldn’t open the door at that time and killed my father. I may have become blind, but at least now I can feel warmth. I always know that my parents are there by my side, and I never had nightmares again. The End.

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