Letter of Complaint

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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I ordered a giant teddy bear from your company and the bear has not arrived on time. I have been ordering giant teddy bears from your company for over four years and never had a problem with shipping. I could have traveled down the road to Sam's Club and bought a much cheaper giant teddy bear instead of selecting one off of your website.

Your company's failure to deliver the giant teddy bear to be sent to my niece before December 24, 2011 is extremely important because my niece has cancer and this will be her last Christmas, I spent extra money on shipping, and I was told a certain time the gift would arrive and it was not received on those days. My niece, Chelsea, has a brain tumor and this Christmas will be her last, I was very much so hoping that her giant brown teddy bear would arrive either before Christmas or on Christmas.

Chelsea is going to be very saddened at the sight when she wakes up on Christmas and does not see her giant teddy bear underneath the Christmas tree. A little girl whom is dying soon deserves a teddy bear from her aunt on Christmas and should get her gift on time. I also spent ten extra dollars on shipping and my gift has not arrived on time. I have wasted ten dollars that could have been used to buy my niece another gift, for example a sweater but instead used on shipping that was delayed.

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I should be entitled to a refund on shipping and at least fifty dollars off the teddy bear for being received late after Christmas. I was told 10 to 15 days that my gift would be delivered and I had placed my order approximately a month ago and still have not seen my niece’s giant teddy bear. Your company’s website has lied to me and possibly many other individuals and this false information should be fixed immediately. The result of the package not being delivered on time is that my favorite niece will not obtain her giant teddy bear on Christmas.

Ordering a giant teddy bear from your company’s website failed to be delivered on time has effected my niece and also myself. Due to the package being failed to be delivered in the accurate time interval, I should be given fifty dollars back from the purchase of the giant teddy bear and a refund on the shipping and handling. I have always been a loyal customer of your company for I have bought many items off of your website and never had trouble with the shipping or purchasing of the giant bears.

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