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Being one of the products of Wattyls was declared the best in 2006 HIA smart products. Its appearance as a finalist in the competition was as a result of its low volatile content. It was included or added to the products used in the interior house services like ceiling and the partitioning walls since it had no paint residual smell. Once used in the vanishing of the in-house services the inhabitants were not disturbed by the smell. Many customers preferred it to the other brands because of its qualities such as being non-residual paint smell.

That means it is non-pollutant. It was also preferred because once it is used in the finishing, the service will be easy to wash and it produced no stubborn stains. It has a wide range of colour, increasing the customer’s freedom of choice. Unlike I. d, it is a woodcare product used for vanishing of external services. In the year 2006, its appearance was improved in a number of ways. One of them being new packaging. It was noted that, the former package was commonly used by the other competitors in the local retail market. A more appealing package was used on the product.

The new packaging improved its clarity to the consumers and business people. In the new packaging cheap and simple directions on how to use the product were given. It also had a wide range of products that made it possible to be used in all wood services. The company noted that, although the product had taken long in market, its popularity among both the local and the global markets. In order to restore the products popularity to the market the company decided to give it a new look. So in the year 2006 the old packaging was replaced with a more appealing packaging.

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The new packaging attracted both old and new customers. Another way through which the product was updated was increase or widening of the products range which acted as an aid to the users’ choice making. Its components was revised to it both protects and beautifies metal services, a quality that has impressed customers for it saves him / her from buying different products for the different services offered by kill rust. It has been approved by both builders and service beautifiers as the best quality for producing an appealing service finishing.

Using it in finishing not only produces beautiful services but also protects the service for long. It is cost effective, since once used one is guaranteed of a beautiful surface for long. It also gives customers different choices of texture, a quality that earns it many customers in need of different textured services. This product exists in different varieties that serve different purposes. These are service preparation products, different texture products and finishing products. It is a product that was only found in limited color choices for long.

In 2006 the company updated the product by mystifying its colors. Introduction of new colors came with it a color mixture brochure advising customers on how to use the product. It is a preparatory product that appears in variety of products that is; primers, sealers and under coats. Its products are used for preparing both interior and exterior services as well as top coating them. The company revised the combination of this product to provide or solve the problem of caused by harsh climate conditions in Australia.

Added to the former product were utra-violet absorbents for effective protection of all services against sunrays. It was also noted that a part from the sunrays the rain also affected the services since it created conducive environment for mould and algal growth. Anti-fungal contents were as well added to the combination of this product to curb the mould and fugal growth. Because of the ability to protect the services from various weather elements, its demand continued to increase throughout the year since it was suitable for all seasons of the year (Corones, 1999).

This is a product that attracted many customers because of its resistance to harsh weather condition of Australia, which enables it to protect most of exterior finishing including fibro, galvanized iron, timber, brick and render. It also offers a variety of fashionable finishes and its availability is guaranteed. Many customers prefer using max wash for finishing their surfaces because of its durability. It is noted that when used on a surface it takes long without wearing out. Its improved formula makes the surface easy to wash without leaving any stain.

Its existence in a wider range helps it increase its variety of customers. Wattyls major markets are found in both Australia and New Zealand from where it operates. The company has been able to win the first position in the retail market in Australia. Some of the individual markets include the paint specialist or people who specialize in selling paint or the painting itself, and hardware retailers and groups. Other markets are provided by those people who paint on contract, marine manufacturing industries and timber product companies.

The company’s position in the retail market is attributed to its investment in advertisement, up dating its products either through new packaging or widening the range of the product in the market like in the case of granosite and kill rust; and modification of its products to suit the harsh climate of Australia. (Report: “Making Markets Work: Directions-Into 2000”, ACCC 1999) Wattyl is the second with 35%inthe Australia Architectural decorative market segment after Orica of Dulux brand with 37%, then tuabmans with 20%.

Wattyl also owns 26% of trade in New Zealand market, an indicting of the company’s dominance in the New Zealand’s trade market (Watty – Annual Report. 2006). Source: Self Market Share in Australian Architectural & Decorative market segment. Competitive Strategy In conclusion Wattyl as a company has successfully operated in both countries that is Australia and New Zealand. Its success can be associated mainly on its flexibility in embracing innovations, committed management team and working strategies.

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