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Kimberly Clark Corporation

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Kimberly Clark Corporation was started in the year 1872. There were various founders who came up and decided to have Kimberly Corporation.

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Kimberly Clark Corporation

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. Initially the entire business was running paper mills. (Hanke, and Reitsch, 1992) Later on the Company developed to producing cellu-cotton. Six years later the Company introduced Kotex, which is disposable after use. This Company continued to expand and opened up other plants in United Kingdom, Germany and Mexico. Currently Kimberly Clark Corporation manufactures various products. They include Kleenex which is a facial tissue paper, Kotex, Cottonelle, Huggies, Pull ups and goodnights. According to the research manager in Kimberly Clark Corporation, the methods that were initially used to get information from consumers have become inefficient and unproductive. He says that the atmosphere created by having strangers in a setting that is not familiar at all is not really good. There are major advancements in technology and in the science sector that are being used to get information from consumers. These technologies actually offer new tools that can are better used to study consumers. This enables Kimberly Clark Corporation’s research team to have greater insight on what the customer wants. (Alreck, 1985) Research on consumer behavior is normally carried out in various ways. They include; Ad tracking Research in Kimberly Clark Corporation reveals that ad tracking is one the ways that is used to carry out research. This is a continuous and periodic market research. It is normally carried out with the aim of monitoring the brand’s performance. In this the team of researchers find out about the brand preference. This means that they get information from the customers about the preference of the brands. The team of researchers in Kimberly Clark Company also finds out how the products are used amongst the consumers and any problems that they incur when using the products

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