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Fresh Bait

Some books just confuse me. I’ll read it and have an entire plot planted out; which would end in a backflip and destroy all my planning – sometimes it’s good but so can it be bad. Thankfully, in a book with many stories ‘Fresh Bait’ executed it nicely – considering the limited length – and stood out to be one of my favourite story of the book.

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‘Fresh Bait’ is written by Sherryl Clark, an Australian author who I would keep an eye out now and is published in book called ‘Top Stories 2’ by the publisher Pearson in 2007.

Saying that each author was limited accordingly to a small amount of pages to create a story, I must admit, the pace of the story was slow at first read; but now thinking back it was very fast pace. If you haven’t read any book that has contained an anonymous mystery then this book may take a while to completely understand. I, as once have been an avid fan of mystery, have detected that something strange was lurking in story and noticed the theme of mystery quite quickly. Clark has used a first person voice that slowly give us pieces of puzzle to put together.

The protagonist of the story has definitely gave us a feeling of conspiracy in her action that opposed towards feeling of natural. The carefully worded conversation and sly gestures made by the protagonist of the story, enhanced a sense of eeriness. Must say ‘Fresh Bait’ was quite eerie through its Shutter-Island-like twists. Whilst reading, I was pushed on an edge of a precipice. I was definitely left hanging and held onto the book as direction to the light of truth. Will I ever understand how: if one book is so anticlimactic will ruin an entire story that was so mysteriously good?

Thankfully it wasn’t really a disappointment as the ending is what I’ve expected – thanks to my awesome skills in prediction – and I guess the slight cliff hanger was what truly disappointed me. ‘Fresh Bait’ was an amusing read and was indeed a breath of fresh air to cool my overflowing cup of warm fantasy tea. I do suppose that in some sense, whilst reading, I’ve gotten a nostalgic yearning for more mystery novels and the cliff hanger had just wrapped it up and sent it to my birthday list. http://butterflys-dust-wendy. blogspot. com. au/2012/05/top-stories-2-fresh-bait-by-sherryl. html