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Companies like Kimberly Clark Corporation

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Companies like Kimberly Clark Corporation are actually providing their business with a way of connecting with their customers or consumers at the keyboard on their computers. In this case the group of researchers gathers groups of consumers that purchase their products.

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Companies like Kimberly Clark Corporation

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. While these customers are in the comfort of their own individual spaces, they are more of in a position to answer the questions honestly. This is because they cannot be seen by the team of researchers.

They just answer the questions without necessarily giving their personal details like their names and their contacts. Through this effective data is collected within hours than taking several weeks or even months doing the same thing. (Burns, and Bush, 2001) Conversation groups Rather than just study a consumer group’s reaction to their products, Kimberly Clark Corporation are taking a step forward by getting to know their customers from the entire perspective of human behavior. This is actually a major thrust of research work that is carried out in this Corporation.

The team of researchers in Kimberly Clark Corporation has incorporated conversation sessions as part of their ways of carrying out research on consumer behavior . In this case groups of three to six friends just converge in a host home. In this meeting, there is general discussion of life. This is in relation to the stage that they are in life. When they meet they just discuss their worries about the future, their dreams in life and the thoughts that they have about the future. One of the group members acts as a secretary and records down all the information that is discussed.

This information is later on compared with the human behavior profiles that are normally based on the Maslows Hierarchy of needs. The solutions are used in solving the demographic challenges that are created. Through this the consumer behavior are ascertained by the team of experts. Immersion groups and ethnography This is whereby; instead of bringing the customer to the Company they go to the customer instead. Many research groups that have existed in the past have been studying consumer behavior in malls or such like places. Other Companies like Kimberly Clark Corporation are now going a step further.

Instead of bringing the customer to themselves, they are now going for the customers. There is observation of consumer behavior by simply immersion into the home. This is either done live by the team of researchers walking into homes and observing or by the use cameras. Kimberly Clark has been widely known to be the maker of Huggies diapers for babies. Research shows that this Company has really experienced success by simply aiming at understanding how mothers bathe their babies and how they change them. The team of researchers just places a small handset camera on top of the mother’s head.

This is indicated in the traditional focus groups. The team of researchers from Kimberly made discoveries through this initiative. (Alreck, 1985) They discovered that most mothers just change their baby’s diapers anywhere that they get any open space. They actually often struggle with packaging which normally requires that they use their two hands. This prompted Kimberly Clark Corporation to do something about the whole issue. They decided to redesign the entire packaging of their products so that it becomes easy for the mother to use only one hand when packaging.

This has made Kimberly Clark Corporation to be very popular with its brand of Huggies. Looking at this initiative taken by Kimberly holdings, it is very unique and yet very effective. It is quite inexpensive and through it they are able to know more about consumer behavior so that with the information they are able to improve their products and also to design others that are beneficial to the consumers at large

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