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Lewis and Clark Journal Entries

Lewis and Clark Journal Entries

Monday 25th November 1805

Today was a really nice day. We had several Indians come up to us today. Later we loaded and set out to the river. We then continued to Shallow Bay. But the waves were too high. So we couldn’t cross the river. For dinner we ate dried pounded fish.

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Then we continued up the North Side of the river near our camp. The evening was cloudy and windy today. That we could see from our last campsite at Mount Rainer bearing.

The wind was blowing too hard for us to cross the river from our campsite, but we were determined to proceed up to where the river was narrow. We set out early in the morning. We were accompanied by 7 people. We stopped for a few miles, then a few Indians left us and crossed the river through the immense high waves. We then ate at Shallow Bay. We had dried pounded fish. When we were done eating we proceeded to the North Side of the Columbia, and then we started camping again a little after sunset. Near our campsite at some distance into the river. The evening was cloudy, but the winds were really nice and we can also see Mt. Hillmans from the mouth of the river.

May 25, 1804

We decided to set out early. At about two miles passed a willow tree. By the bend in the creek called Wood River. At three miles passed the mouth of another creek called La Que Ver this same course continued for a while. About two and a half miles further on one side we passed a creek called La Freneau at this point we were at least four miles away from a small French Village called La Charatt there were only five families in this village.

It has been raining all night. The river rose several inches. I hope we find some islands tomorrow. We plan on passing Wood River again. We will go about two miles passed La Que Ver. At five miles passed La Free Au. At eight miles we set up camp at the mouth of a creek called Charrette above a small French Village that only has seven houses. We will settle there to hunt and trade with the Indians. While we were are here we will meet with Louis immediately. We will get situated at Sioux and he will give us some good of information and letters.

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