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Jimmi black dog

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In the novel, The Chant Of Jimmie Blacksmith conflict is an ever present factor and although much of this conflict is negative, Generally has incorporated positive outcomes to some of this conflict in this story. This fictional recount of true events show us the social, interpersonal, inner and racial conflict between and within the whites and the indigenous people of Australia In the 19005. When Jimmie Blacksmith marries a white woman, the backlash from both Jimmies community and the white society he inhabits, sets of a chain of tragic, violent events. As Jimmie tries to make his way In a world that deplores him.

These forms of conflict present us with some positive outcomes which will be explaining today. Jell blacksmith was a half caste aboriginal who had a lot of white culture brought up In him, this contrast of black and white culture had made Jell think hard over the years of what he really wanted In his life. This life that Jell had been living since he was only a teenager gave him absorptions of wanting to be white. Not only did his upbringing make him want to be white but the way his people were treated made him want to be more than just a stupid black fell.

From the beginning social and racial conflict is present ND is present throughout the whole book, despite this conflict being negative at the time there are positive outcomes from it. In relation to this novel social and racial conflict is present in Remember the titans, a movie about a group of teenagers who want to join the school football team, but do not wish to play with people of the opposite color. These boys overcome their race issues and unite as a team, not worried about the color of each player.

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Racial conflict is the basis of this movie and as in Jimmie blacksmith racial conflict is the most common form of conflict in the novel. Hill Jimmie is an aboriginal and he can't change that he still tries to. Jimmies first positive outcome of racial conflict is when he realizes he doesn't want to sit around and become an alcoholic like the rest of his people. So Jimmie tries to find honest work in hopes of becoming more white. This self awareness that Jimmie acquires shows him that his people are drunks and that he will soon follow this path if he sits around following what everyone around him does.

In the movie remember the titans, the head coach who is black is having trouble living in his own house just for being black. He is hated upon from the white community because they feel has come in and taken over and has no right to do so, but the black community feel as if they have won a battle of the war between races. When Jimmie leaves his black community and tries to get Jobs all around, he Is rejected by Just about everyone just because he is black, but when one man hires him he Is Impressed with his work and comes to realize that he In actual fact Is a good worker.

This Is a triumph for Jimmie therefore being a positive outcome of racial and social conflict, this makes Jell want to push further to reach his "white" aspirations. Much Like In the movie member the titans the coach Is sinned upon when he Is seen through the town but when he begins leading the football team to countless victories, the towns people begin to love him and they begin to realize his color does not affect his coaching In any way.

When Jimmie Is Is hung In the end of the novel this shows a positive outcome because no more killing can be conjured at the hands of Jimmie blacksmith, outcome for the white people knowing that there has been Justice. These example I have given show some of the main positive outcomes of conflict in the book, although there are some more these are the ones I feel showed this the best.

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