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Interoffice Memorandum and an E-mail

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Interoffice memorandum and an E-mail


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            Phoenix Advertising Agency is one of the leading agencies in the field of advertising. Currently, the company has employed over 1,000 top quality employees distributed in our four branches across the United States namely: Charlotte, North Carolina (Headquarters), Roanoke, Virginia, Charleston, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is rooted in providing our clients with the best and excellent services in the country. This can goal can achieved by grasping the essence of our core company values for dedication, integrity and personalized clientele service. Our enthusiasm in following these objectives will guarantee the success and the financial gain of the company and its members. More so, we ensure that the standards and goals set by the company are passed down the four branches to establish a unified and solid advertising company.

            The wide variety of our clients ranging from insurance companies, banks and retails seeks our services in order to transform their respective organizations into a topnotch and highly competitive company in their corresponding industries. Moreover, our company is headed by the President, Gregory S. Forest. This top position is supported by the executive team composed of the Vice-President for Operations (Pamela Landy), Vice-President for Personnel (Drew Simmons), Vice-President for Marketing (Dina David) and Vice-President for Finance (Sam Oakwood).  The Vice-President for Operations handles all the current and future accounts of the agency. More so, the VP for Operations coordinates with all the Branch Directors to ensure that all projects are successfully implemented. However, due to communication gaps and errors committed by some employees, the Roanoke branch have lost four of the most vital accounts and valuable clients of the agency.

            With this problem, I, as VP for Personnel and the Human Resource Department are responsible for making sure that the whole recruitment force is properly compensated and well taken care of by the company. The department’s structure is composed of a Director (Sandra Grey), Associate Director (Derek Jones), Human Resource Specialist (Stacey Washington), Employment Specialist (Harry Will) and Administrative Assistant (Celeste Walker). In terms of policies, I have directed all branches to adopt the policies formulated by the headquarters. However, each branch may modify these policies in accordance to the special needs and circumstances of a particular branch as long as the head office is consulted and informed about the matter. With regard to overtime payment, there is a regular rate but it can vary depending on the circumstances such as holidays or night shifts. However, every employee who wants to render overtime must first seek the approval of their supervisor. In terms of benefit package, every employee in all branches is given the same benefit packages regardless of the status of the accounts and the nature of the clients. But it is within the discretion of the Branch Directors to give additional incentives to hardworking employees.

Interoffice Memorandum

Date: September 29, 2008

To: Executive Team

From: Drew Simmons, VP for Human Resource

RE: Call for suggestions regarding the human resource crisis at Roanoke, Virginia branch
Clients have complained about the unsatisfactory outputs of the Roanoke, Virginia branch of the agency. This situation can be attributed to the recent resignation of two of the top management people in the branch which are the Art Director and the Account Executive. To make matters worse, three graphic designers and four copywriters are threatening to quit their posts because they feel that their creative efforts are being rejected or revised without
prior consultation from the top management. To resolve this issue, the Branch Director has accepted new clients without evaluating the possible detrimental effects of the new accounts on the current project workload. Because of the need to cater to all the needs of the clients, all employees are mandated to work long hours each day of the week without any financial compensation. As a result, employees’ attrition rate is climbing and the productivity level is decreasing every single day. The Roanoke, Virginia branch handles one of the agency’s vital accounts and valuable clients. Therefore, a solution must be immediately formulated in order to resolve this eminent personnel crisis and prevent further human resource and financial loss.

In line with this, I am seeking the help of the Executive Team to provide ideas and suggestions that will directly address this problem. The following information are needed and the corresponding actions are requested from each sector of the Executive Team:

1.      Vice-President for Operations

·        Organize, develop and apply an evaluation system for all projects of the agency

·         Offer operational support to all branches

·         Enhance office administration services

·         Point out the opportunities and threats for the expansion of the operational strategy

2.    Vice-President for Finance

·        Plan and execute business approaches that will advance the organization’s performance

·        Provide the indicators for key and track performance

·        Draft strategic and operational plans

3.      Vice-President for Marketing

·        Strengthen the name of the company in the advertising agency

·        Acquire more clients for each branch

·        Generate new creative concepts and business solutions for the company

·        Provide on strengths and weaknesses of the current marketing strategy

All data and plans of action are expected to be collated by October 23, 2008. Please submit your reports on or before the mentioned date through electronic mail.

Your inputs and recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Let us work hand in hand in making this organization meet its objectives and provide high-quality services.

Thank you very much!

Drew Simmons

Vice-President for Human Resources

Phoenix Advertising Agency

Charlotte, North Carolina


G. Forest, President

Executive Team

P. Landy, VP Operations

D. David, VP Marketing

S.Oakwood, VP Finance





Subject: Request for payroll statements of Roanoke branch and agency’s and the branches’ policies regarding overtime and compensation/benefits packages

Dear Jessica,

Presently, the Roanoke branch is experiencing problems with their personnel due to lack of financial compensations and benefits for all employees. In line with this, I am requesting for a copy of the payroll statements of Roanoke branch for the last 12 months. This information will help the HR department in determining how to modify the current financial compensations in accordance with the present needs of the employees.

Also, I need a complete information and comprehensive summary of the agency’s and the branches’ policies regarding overtime and compensation/benefits packages. With this data, the HR department will be able to find out the policies that are effective and useful for the employees.

I suggest that you deliver the information needed in two separate reports. Please also indicate your analysis on the current situation of the Roanoke branch with regards to the financial compensation and benefits as well as the company’s policies by answering the following questions:

1. Do you think that the employees of Roanoke branch are well-compensated? If no, what are your suggestions to increase employees’ satisfaction?

2. Do you think that the company’s policies on overtime are beneficial for the employees? If no, please justify your answer.

3. What are your suggestions for the improvement of the current compensation packages and rewards system for the employees?

I hope to receive the data and your recommendations by October 23, 2008. Please submit your reports on or before the mentioned date through electronic mail.

Thank you very much!


Drew Simmons

VP for Human Resources


Phoenix Advertising Agency


Interoffice Memorandum and an E-mail essay

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