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Internet Censorship Should Exist as Means of Protection

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Protecting from access the pornographic material is the first reason. I believe that the Internet censorship is protecting our children's morality from the bad topics and harmful information. For example, as we know it is too easy for children to search about sports pictures, and they will see a few porn pictures appear. Thus, I think everyone has to take a strong action to protect and save our children life instead of Internet censoring. Another point supports the argument for censoring is keeping the national security.

There is bad categories of people, they use online to provide materials that harms the national safety; in contrast, some people support them and they can learn dangerous skills such as designing weapons encourage militant agendas and organize destructive activities such as terrorist activity through the internet, which causes danger to public safety. So, the censorship is able to limit and ban their activities.

Finaly, the freedom of speech is not an absolute right, which is why I am supporting the internet censorship. There are some people posts harmful opinions which affects others. There is a Commission support this argument: "Those who exercise their free speech to intimidate, bully, denigrate and harass others on the internet ... causes harm may inhibit others from participating freely in this vital new public domain". I assume if the Internet censoring apply around the world, surely that will avoid them to practice their free speech. Based on that, I believe the online censoring can restrict their behavior and morality. Opposing views of Internet censorship say that Internet censoring will limit the educational resources.

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The filtering and blocking software is preventing medical students from researching and learning some specific biological concepts. Also, censoring may stop people from asking questions, exchanging the experience, and ideas about medical or social counseling on the Internet because it may include some censorship words. Thirdly, nothing can restrict the speech on the Internet. These points have some merit on the surface.

However, as stated previously, Internet censorship is to protect our morality, behavior, and socitey from useless information. It is important to remember that if censorship happens, the idea and knowledge will be limited in a small scope (Pasternak). To sum up, There are a huge benefit behind the idea of Internet censorship. It implements by using filtering softwares. We should use this technique in order to help people and protect them from dangerous concepts and their children from violence and pornography.

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