The Social Issue of Internet Censorship and Its Limits

Last Updated: 05 Jan 2023
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Internet Censorship is the blocking, control, or suppression of websites, photos, or videos that contain restricted content, hate speech forums, sexually explicit content, social media, etc. Internet Censorship has taken over the Internet and controls what we see and hear. It is a way for countries, schools, colleges, businesses, to take away the right to explore the Internet by blocking content they find not suitable.

Censorship on the Internet is done in a few different ways; Internet Backbone (A physical way of censoring the Internet), ISP is a second way that governments use through blocking the DNS server from their countries ISP server, Software blocking is the third way that be used electronically by anyone (Individuals, Schools, Colleges etc).

A relevant social issue is why we use Internet Censorship. It could be used for countless numbers of reasons to block content such as anything from child pornograhy to videos of terrorist attacks. It is used to protect and keep environments and countries safe from graphic content and content that is deemed inappropriate.

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Internet Censorship needs a boundary to not cross. I would draw the line if the censorship was preventing free speech and the right to voice our opinions publicly, or blocking information about other countries; censorship in these categories draw the line on how far Internet Censorship should go.

Censorship on the Internet is a crippling violation of free speech and power. Although it can shield us from graphic and inappropriate content; it is stopping the exploration of the world- wide web, the truth, and our control over the Internet.

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