Innovation in Food and Beverage Outlet

Last Updated: 23 Mar 2023
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Executive summary “CONCEPT SELLS AND NOT JUST THE FOOD” – the project is executed only because of the fact that the statement i just made holds true in today’s challenging world. With the progression of the food service industry over the ages, it is appropriate to define a food and beverage outlet as a commercial organisation whose primary objective is profitability by means of discharging food and beverage to a guest. Thus it can be stated that one of the amin motives of the existence of a food and beverage outlet is profitability.

Over the years there has been a padigram shift, and it’s not about the food and beverage anymore but it is about the “whole experience. ” Thus, in this project i intend to explore innovations in the food and beverage industry, the various kinds of Entertainment and Novel ideas introduced by restaurateur and see the evolution of the entertainment over the years with the global perspective. The list of activities that i intend to undertake is : Do a detailed research of the innovations that the various renowned outlets across the world have done inorder to attract customers and increase their sales.

Visit and study various outlets in mumbai in reference with the innovations done. Study the in-house entertainment provided by the various outlets in mumbai like tendulkar’s, out of the blue, jazz by the bay etc. Take personal interviews of the restaurateurs. Analyse the data acquired. Based on the study, make recommendations for a basic outlet so as to increase its profit. As it is said that “nowadays people pay for the experience and not just for the food” and also the busy schedule does not allow them to go to different places for enetrtainment and food, combination of entertainment and good food is exactly what is required.

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Inorder to understand the concept better i am short listing some restaurants in mumbai which have used innovations to drive customers in and will give details of the same. However, does entertainment in a food and beverage outlet actually make a difference to the guest or the outlet? What are the diffrent forms of entertainment that a food and beverage outlet offers? What are the innovations used? These questions will be discussed in depth in the due course of the project.

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